Developer Brad Knoefler of Miami-based NMA Investments, is keen on changing his Park West neighborhood. Already the proud developer and resident of 697 N. Miami — a real gem of an urban redevelopment project-Knoepfler  now has his sites on creating an urban greenway with a 10ft multi-use path along downtown Miami’s highly underutilized FEC rail corridor, from Biscayne Boulevard  to NW 19th Street in Overtown. The projects, say Knoefler, will truly help reconnect and improve two neighborhoods that need this type of small scale investment more than the sweeping changes proposed by the Miami World Center-a type of investment urbanist Jane Jacobs referred to as cataclysmic money.

Full of energy and excitement for this  neighborhood, the urban pioneer developer sees a bright future where others see parking lots, homeless people, and dilapidated buildings. So enthusiastic is Knoefler that he has alread  jumpstarted the project by re-landscaping  a half-block pilot phase behind the 697 N. Miami building, which abuts the FEC rail line.

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Tomorrow night, Monday March 30th at 5:00pm in the ground floor of 697 N. Miami, Knoefpler will present the project to the Park West/Overtown Community Redevelopment Agency in hopes of enticing the City of Miami to pay for the million dollar project. With clear benefits of cleaning of the tracks, utilizing the corridor, improving access between Overtown, Park West, and the Biscayne corridor, the project seems like a wise, and practical investment, which Knoepfler say will pay for itself in 5 years because of reduced fighting costs and the potential for more redevelopment.  To prove his point, Knoefler even went to the trouble of phasing the project for the CRA, in three distinct and manageable stages.

We’ll be tracking this one closely,  for it is not often you get a developer driven to such a worthwhile, and needed civic project. If you have the time, please show up to voice your support for this project, or let the Park West/Overtown CRA know you want to see this move forward.



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3 Responses to Action Alert: Developer Leads Park West/Overtown Greenway Initiative

  1. Andy says:

    I hope this works.

  2. Kesley says:

    That actually looks like a pretty good idea. A good start.

    Those rail tracks act as some kind of border. It’s an implicit “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK” sign.

  3. Adam says:

    I’m not sure that I really get replacing ratty grass and dirt with gravel. It looks nicer when there is no trash on it, sure, but…

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