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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

Swine Flu—What to Do?

Biden seems to think that the way to avoid getting swine flu is to avoid the subway, airport, or any form of public transportation; and NYC mayor Bloomberg and others are striving to counter his arguments. With all this back-and-forth, you may be left wondering about the safety of public transit. While there are still no [...]

Progress Being Made, Keep Applying Pressure

As a quick update, the City of Miami met with FDOT in support of furnishing temporary protective barriers along the MacArthur Causeway during construction on the Venetian. FDOT said it has little qualms with the idea, but simply needs the County to support the effort with some level of funding for the barrier installation.
Now is [...]

County Revises Press Release to Include Pedestrian and Bicycle “Detour;” Bureaucratic Run-Around Continues

Thanks to all who remain vigilant about this issue. I just received a new press release from the County recognizing that pedestrians and bicycles also use the Venetian Causeway. It essentially tells all non-motorized users to use a shuttle that will get them from either end of the bridge to the Metrobus “stations” on Lincoln [...]

Venetian Causeway Update

Thanks to everyone for making phone calls and writing emails and to Rydel over at Miami Bike Scene for the PSA (below).  To update you all on the current situation, the County will have no ability to implement a protected barrier along the MacArthur Causeway.  Moreover, we have been told that the scheduled work on [...]

Pedestrian Hit By School Bus in South Beach

The Miami Herald is reporting a pedestrian was struck crossing Alton Road at 16th Street on Miami Beach. This just happened, so no details have been released. We will attempt to relay any updates as the day goes on, provided such information is reported. Let’s hope this is not another fatal incident.

Action Alert: Venetian Causeway Bridge To Close In May

Pedestrians, bicyclists, bus riders, and motorists be warned: the easternmost bridge of Venetian Causeway will be closed for construction from May 1 - May 30. While it is understood that maintenance is essential to keeping the bridge safe, the loss of this major east-west link presents several challenges for all of its users, especially  pedestrians, [...]

Pedestrian Mowed Down By Officer, Police Crack Down on School Zone Speeders

I think I am having deja vu, another pedestrian was struck and killed by a Miami-Dade Police officer in Southwest Dade yesterday. Details have not been released, reports the Herald. Because this involves a police officer, and not an NFL player, we may not hear anything more aboutthe incident.
Meanwhile, Miami-Dade School Police are enforcing the [...]

Bike Miami Days a Six-Cess!

Okay, humor me on the title of this one…
Our  nation leading sixth Bike Miami Days turned out to be the best yet, with thousands of Bike lovin’, orange wearin’, livable street advocatin’ Miamians enjoying the day. Highlights are numerous, including the unveiling of two new art racks, a rally featuring nearly a thousand orange clad [...]

Stallworth Hearing Postponed

NFL journeyman, Donte Stallworth, has had his vehicular manslaughter hearing postponed until May 21. Stallworth was charged with a DUI, which resulted in the killing of Mario Reyes.  We’ll be tracking this one, as Stallworth deserves full punishment for the crime he so irresponsibly committed.

Reinventing Transit

This from Transportation For America, along with a blog post covering the irony of Rep. Oberstar being forced to miss a press conference on innovative transit solutions because he was stuck in traffic. Said Oberstar:
Reinventing Transit makes the case that reinventing the transportation bill to fund transit innovations in Minnesota and nationwide will deliver new [...]

Reminder: Bike Miami Days After Party

This Sunday at 2pm, Transit Miami will be hosting what will surely be the biggest and best after party of the year. Many thanks to our sponsor, Eleven Leprechauns who are offering the following specials:  Free Mimosa as well as a  lunch special (salad, pizza, or sandwich and a soft drink for $8.99) until 5pm. [...]

An idea whose time has come…

From the NY Times:
Elected leaders in New York City will propose a suite of laws and other initiatives on Wednesday aimed at reducing energy consumption and related emissions of greenhouse gases by requiring owners of thousands of older buildings to upgrade everything from boilers to light bulbs.Owners of larger buildings would have to participate in [...]

INTBAU Letter to President Obama

A good friend sent me this letter, written by INTBAU, an organization that advocates traditional building, and signed by CNU president John Norquist, among other advocates.  It relates to the stimulus package and how the federal government can make a real difference in institutionalizing the shift toward compact, walkable communities.
Here is an excerpt, you can [...]

Miami 21 Update and APA luncheon

No news yet on when the City Commission will decide to take up the first reading of Miami 21. As the issue gets pushed back from month to month, I wonder why the item is not put on the agenda once and for all (considering that the code is finished and just collecting dust). What [...]

Bike Miami Days PSA