Miami’s Burgeoning Bike Scene

“If you will it,  dude, it is no dream,” or so says Walter Sobchak in the Cohen brothers masterpiece, The Big Lebowski. While Goodman’s cult character was not talking about bicycling in Miami, he just as well could have been.

A recent article in GOOD magazine, for which Rydel at Miami Bike Scene and I were interviewed, calls attention to the slow rise of bicycling in Miami. If you are tempted to cry foul over such a proclamation, then maybe it’s time to get off your duff and join those of us already participating in an ever growing number of bike-centric events.

Upcoming events include some of the following:

04/17 - Busway Sprints (Kendall)

04/18 - League of American Bicyclists Road I Training (great way to network, learn skills, and start the process in being a certified  LAB instructor).

04/24 - Miami Critical Mass

04/26 - Bike Miami Days (More to come on this exciting Grove version of BMD)

04/29 - Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) 5:30pm @  the Stephen P. Clark Government Center (a great venue to speak your mind on general conditions or specific projects)

05/02 - Bike MS

05/17 - Bike Miami Days, final event before summer hiatus

05/23 - Super Smash Up Alley Cart

05/24 - Bike Polo Tournament

05/25 - Velodrome BBQ

In addition, If you missed Emerge Miami’s Critical Mass ride last Saturday, they will meet the second Saturday in May. In addition, The Green Mobility Network is inviting those serious about becoming or furthering their skills as bicycle advocates to join them and the Alliance for Biking and Walking for a training session on May 15-17. Scholarships are still available for those interested. Click here to learn more (serious participants only).

Brad Knoefler and crew also remain hard at work pushing the Miami CRA and others to fund his vision for the FEC Park West-Overtown Greenway.  Stay tuned for more on this one, which Commissioner Sarnoff called a “home run” of a plan at the March 30th CRA meeting.

Are we missing any upcoming events?  Let us know in the comments section and I will post it back here on the main entry.

Happy riding.

3 Responses to “Miami’s Burgeoning Bike Scene”

  1. 1 Kathryn

    How could they not mention Bike Miami Days? Seriously.

  2. 2 Mike Lydon

    The author interviewed us before BMD started. Clearly, he did not do any follow-up homework.

  3. 3 JC Tripp

    Great to see that Miami is getting it’s bike scene together. I have fond memories of biking Key Biscayne and the Venetian Causeway when I lived there in the ’90s. After numerous run-ins with the cops I opted for my bike permanently (no DUIs just BS). I would often find myself biking home after partying on the beach, feeling that wonderful Miami air, the moon, the sea, the fluffy clouds. The only thing that bummed me out was having my dad’s old bike stolen on Washington Ave. as I was inside a shop. I heard the distinct kickstand sound and ran out the door, chasing some kid as he barely got away. It was such a beater, don’t know why he had to do that. Hey, I bet a midnight ride would be a cool concept, no? Anyway, I’m in New York now. Miss it but too much has changed, some for the better it seems.

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