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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Parking Allowances Go All To Hell In Civic Center District

A faithful Transit Miami reader recently attended a zoning change hearing for a proposed mixed-use tower called Civica Tower, located at 1050 NW 14th Street in the Civic Center district. According to the reader, Miami’s Planning Advisory Board didn’t event question the developers new proposal, allowing an additional 650 parking spaces beyond the 800 gratuitous [...]

CITT Votes to Expand Highway Next to UDB

In yet another instance of wasted transit surtax dollars, the CITT voted yesterday to acquire land directly adjacent to the UDB in order to turn SW 157 avenue into a high-speed four lane urban highway. Too bad, this just gives opponents of the surtax more fuel to send it back to voters. Several more votes [...]

Sweet Lady Traffic

Are you dreading your Friday afternoon commute home? Do you wish you had more options? Check out Transportation for America’s latest initiative, My Commute, to learn how to take action-unless you love your commute like our friend Dan.

Bicycle Master Plan Survey Goes Live Again; Join Us For The 1st Public Bicycle Summit

Thanks to all who have  filled out the Miami Bicycle Master Plan survey. We received 100 responses very quickly!
Unfortunately, the free Survey Monkey service capped us at 100 responses. Thus, I have upgraded the service to allow up to 1,000 responses over the course of the next month.  If you have not already, please follow [...]

Letter to the CITT from TM reader…

To CITT Members
From Ted Wilde, former CITT member 2003-07, Chair of Project and Financial Review
Re: May 28 CITT item to acquire land for widening SW 157 Ave. would be a poor use of scarce surtax funds

Summary. On April 16 the Project and Financial Review Committee split 2-2 on the resolution to acquire 15 [...]

Action Alert: Stop Road Widening Funded by Transit Tax

The CITT will be holding a vote tonight on the proposed widening of SW 157 Avenue from 152 street to 184 street.  Currently a two lane road, 157 avenue is adjacent to the UDB, and will be converted into a higher speed four lane collector. This is yet another colossal waste of taxpayer dollars (to the [...]

Heard On The Bus

Heard on the C bus from the Beach to Downtown this afternoon, 5 o’clock:
English tourist: “I am trying to get to downtown Miami, will this bus take me there.”
Bus Driver: “Oh honey, there ain’t no reason for you to go there after 5pm. There isn’t anything to see!”
While I slightly disagree with the well-intentioned driver, [...]

Best of Miami: Bike Miami Days

The City of Miami, and especially the Mayor’s Bike Miami Days coordintor, Kathryn Moore, are recognized as being part of the Best of Miami. Run out and pick up a copy of Miami Today to see what else made the cut.


Regurgitating some news here-mostly from the Herald- and adding a layer of commentary.

Bicycle Advocates, led by the Green Mobility Network are inserting themselves into the planning process in South Miami. Click here to catch up with the effort to make Sunset Drive more amenable to bicyclists. This is a worthy initiative, and one that has [...]

Pic O’ The Day (If the FEC corridor was used for commuter rail…)

…downtown may look something like this:

Thanks to livable streets advocate and downtown resident, Brad Knoefler, for the image.

M-Path Receives Funding

Good, but belated news: The Green Mobility Network is reporting a win with the County regarding much needed funding for the M-Path. Read all the news here, or an excerpt below.
We are celebrating today after the Miami-Dade Commission’s vote to transfer $700,000 in order to repair the bone-jarring damaged pavement along parts of the M-Path. [...]

Wednesday News Roundup

Lot going on today, but there always is isn’t there…

The Miami-Dade Office of Sustainability & the City of Miami are teaming up to get grant money from the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance by forming a “non-profit entity to deliver energy services to residents and businesses within County geographic boundaries that provide performance based energy audits, [...]


Commissioner Gimenez’s proposed changes to the CITT were rejected in yesterday’s Commission hearing by a 6 - 6 vote. I was sad to see the 6 no votes -  Audrey Edmonson, Barbara Jordon, Chariman Moss, Javier Souto, Bruno Barreiro, and Joe Martinez. This would have been the first good decision the Commission made with regard [...]

Bike Miami Days A Success, Fill Out Our Survey, M-Path Restoration to Begin This Year?

Hi all, writing from New York City this morning…unfortunately I was unable to make the final Bike Miami Days event, but I  have heard it was a great way to close the BMD season. Thanks to all who came out, volunteered, and help make all of these incredible events happen over the past 7 months.
Second, [...]

Miami’s Metro Hopes

Loyal Transit Miami reader and transit advocate TransitDave sent us this great map he helped develop a few years back in anticipation of the PTP.  Dave included Miami-Dade Transit and SFRTA corridors that have been studied for years and combined them to provide a picture of how a complete regional transit system for South Florida [...]