Pic ‘O The Day

Can anyone identify what is wrong in this picture?


Seems like a job for SeeClickFix.

9 Responses to “Pic ‘O The Day”

  1. 1 Chris

    It’s a crosswalk for visually impaired tightrope walkers…

  2. 2 mr jones

    I think those yellow “mats” are facing the wrong direction… LOL

  3. 3 Felipe A

    $10 says this is the work of the county PWD.

  4. 4 Mike Lydon

    Haha, tight rope walkers…yes, the mats are facing the wrong direction. What is particularly odd about this condition is that curb improvements were made all over the neighborhood (Grapeland) and everyone that I saw seemed to be handled correctly-except for the above @17th and 37th Avenue.

  5. 5 kevin

    Hahaha awesome!

  6. 6 Tony Garcia

    Not to mention the 35′ curb radius (another public works favorite) or the continuous curb cut. Makes for a great intersection!

  7. 7 Anyoneofus

    Two county roadways.

  8. 8 Andy Moore

    Notice the bottle (which is on the curb) has been flattened by a car. That could be your toes.

  9. 9 Tony Garcia

    Lol. Good point…

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