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Parking Requirements Reduced at Museum Park

Whether you support  Museum Park  or not,  livable streets advocates should take a modicum of joy in hearing that the Miami City Commission has reduced the city’s parking requirements for the proposed civic development. As the Miami Times reports, Museum Park will now have 440 parking spaces, not 480 as originally planned.  Granted the decision was made only because  of a siting/financial issue, I hope  advocates may look to this as precedent for parking reductions in future projects. My guess is that those 40 spaces will not be missed.

Now, let’s see if we can get FDOT to reduce the number of travel lanes along the lower Biscayne corridor so that all those parking spaces marring the once elegant boulevard median can be  moved to parallel parking stalls along the outside sidewalk-a perfectly sane idea that would reduce speeds, increase pedestrian comfort, and restore Miami’s signature thoroughfare. I think Admiral Miguel Grau-Knight of the Seas- would agree, right Admiral?


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  1. kevin says:

    When is the park supposed to start construction?

  2. Anon says:

    One of the biggest criticisms of the current park is that it makes the view of the water invisible from Biscayne. The location of the underground parking will make this conidition even worse. The parking will act like a wall between the park and Biscayne. They are recreating the worst element of the current park.

  3. UrbaKnight says:

    Hmmmm….it seems to me that if the City of Miami wants an urban environment similar to the great pedestrian friendly cities of the world, then it needs to slash all parking regulations. Large lot parking just doesnt exist in any true urban oasis. Why not subsitute large lot parking with municipal garages near major places of interest?

  4. Anonymous says:

    When a building is within 2500 ft of a transit the parking should not be required at all. I recall one of the related groups buildings was to have 0 parking and this was ok, but for some reason other large scale projects have to have enormous garages. As was cited on this site the other day the Civica Tower in the Civic Center has I believe 1400 parking places in the building pedestal and that is right next to transit. I agree with the Admiral, any truly urban city would make parking in the urban core a lot more difficult and encourage transit and self powered transportation.
    As for seeing the bay from the street, already it is invisible from Biccentennial park.

  5. kevin says:

    There is very little, if any surface parking lot planned for Museum Park:

    I think the park’s design is great really, and with the museums and residents in the area, that park will be very busy year-round.

  6. John Hopkins says:

    There are several acres of parking just across Biscayne Boulevard from Bicentennial Park. For the most part, it’s used only during big shows at the Arsht Center. With the planned reopening of the park’s Metromover station, why not rely on those spaces for the people who are absolutely determined to drive when they visit a museum? Any parking IN the park could be reserved for deliveries and for visitors with special needs.

    If the city and county are serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and about protecting our viewscape, they won’t build a garage that encourages more in-city driving AND hides the bay.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Off site parking encourages people to walk around and explore downtown too. All the proposed parking is underground, at what cost does that come? How insulated people will be from actually taking part in the city life.
    People who live downtown should already have a feel for it, but what about kids on field trips, or families on vacation, they will just see Biscayne Blvd and the park then go home. A shame really.

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  9. Mike Lydon says:

    At present, I have not analyzed the location of the parking onsite…but I do agree with all comments regarding blocking views, and the overabundance of parking already serving the area. The Admiral and all his bust buddies in the other parking lots can tell you all about it…

  10. Anonymous says:

    sod the park…its all about GRAU!!!

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