History of I-95

If you are like me and a history buff or just love Miami, you should check out the Historical Museum of South Florida. Apart from hosting great exhibits and an annual Map Fair, as a member you get a subscription to Tequesta, the annual journal of the Historical Association of South Florida, edited by local history guru Dr. Paul George.

This year Teuqesta has a great article related to the history of I-95 and its blighting effect on Miami‚Äôs urban neighborhoods. I thought it was well timed considering the big moves the FDOT is trying to make with I-395. Seems like Overtown never gets a break from the blight that urban highways produce (at 30′ or at 150′!) This from Interstating Miami:

The mantra of progress provided a rationale for public actions such as expressway building and urban renewal, but the social consequences of such programs were dismissed by state and local officials as an unfortunate by-product of rebuilding and reform. (P. 23)

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