21 Reasons To Support Miami 21

Adam Mizrahi of Urban City Architecture has outlined twenty one reasons to support Miami 21. The well-written post concisely elucidates almost all of the reasons our city leaders, and their constituents, should move to adopt Miami 21.  Of the  items listed, my favorite reasons are #6 and #15

6.Let Hialeah, Kendall, Fort Lauderdale,  and Sunrise do what they want.  Let Orlando, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville do as they will.  Here in the City of Miami we have a chance to become leaders of the 21st century.  Within tight boundaries, we can fit all the expected growthfor the next 30 years and truly transform our urban landscape.  With Miami21, Miami can become a sustainable and model city in a very short time.

15. The code is merely changing one set of rules for another — this is not a whole bunch of new rules that are going to inhibit creativity and business.  That is just not true.   The new code will change the rules — take some out and put some in.  Will designs change?  Yes, but for the better and only in terms of connectivity to the urban landscape.  Buildings will have to be greater contributors to a walkable, transit oriented, and sustainable urban landscape. We are merely changing an antiquated code for a new 21st century code.  This is not the first time this has happened — this is called progress.

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  1. 1 John M

    Zoning codes are changed all the time — people in Miami are always so scared of change.

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