The Battle Begins…

While the commissioner’s first reading of Miami 21 will not be until August 6th, the political battle  is well underway. This morning Commissioner and mayoral candidate Joe Sanchez (a known supported of Miami 21) issued a press release urging the Mayor to table Miami 21 in favor of figuring out the city’s current budget crisis. Mayor Diaz’s reply included the following statement:

The vote regarding Miami 21 will not distract staff away from working on the City Budget. The Administration is proposing a Budget Workshop with Commissioners on August 14, and is scheduling individual briefings with Commissioners leading up to the workshop starting the week of August 10. We are also scheduling weekly budget updates for the following weeks of August 17, 24, 31 and September 7.

We have an obligation to our residents to move forward with Miami 21 and create the City they deserve. For this reason, I respectfully decline Chairman Sanchez’s request to cancel the August 6 meeting for the First Reading of Miami 21.

We applaud Mayor Diaz for pushing the adoption of Miami 21. All taxpayers in the City of Miami deserve a better city, and this is their chance to ensure that such a vision becomes a reality. This isn’t about politics folks, it’s about livability and sustainability; it’s about creating a better city and we at TM stand behind the Diaz administration in pursuing those goals. With the many regrettable outcomes of zoning code 11,000 plainly visible throughout the city, we know this change is needed. Please make sure to learn more about Miami 21, and if you support it, please show up to City Hall on the 6th of August to voice your opinions.

5 Responses to “The Battle Begins…”

  1. 1 Brody

    I love Manny Diaz! :)

  2. 2 John

    Until Miami becomes a legit city, Im not moving back. Most of Miamis residents dont have a clue hats going on in their city. laughable.

  3. 3 Andy Moore

    And you might argue that approving a quality plan for the region will do much to alleviate future budget problems.

    If he is a known supporter of Miami 21, what are Sanchez’s political motivations for calling for delay?

  4. 4 Dave

    Sanchez is a yes and Regalado is a no so its going to come down to 2 of the 3 of Sarnoff, Angel Gonzalez, and Spence-Jones. Spence-Jones usually gets appeased pretty easily by including some affordable housing measures so Sarnoff becomes the real wildcard as he seems to be on the fence.

  5. 5 Mike Lydon

    If you are a Miami resident and living within his district, now is the time to contact Sarnoff’s office to show your support.

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