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Posts from ‘August, 2009’

Quote of the Day

The ‘preferred’ alternative of an elevated I-395 superhighway is a farce and is akin to a sick person who requires triple bypass surgery settling for an appendectomy because that is what they can afford, but not what will fix the problem. It will not lead to any revitalization and only add to the blight of [...]

Biscayne Trail Open House

DawnTown 2009: Metromover!

Announcing DawnTown 2009: Metromover!  DawnTown is the annual international architecture competition for Downtown Miami.  This year’s topic is a new station for Downtown Miami’s elevated public transportation system, Metromover.  Full contest details are at
Registration is open to all, and closes October 14, 2009.  The jury includes:

Terry Riley, Director [...]

Tropical Dog Park A Success!

Kudos to the Miami-Dade Park Department for their recent addition of a new bark park at the south-end of Tropical Park. I’ve been there every weekend since it opened, and this park boasts more than just an enclosed field to unleash the furriest member of your family.
On the weekends, one of my favorite things [...]

City, County Post Bicycle Safety Bus Stop Ads

A partnership between the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County has yielded a slew of new bicycle safety bus stop advertisements targeting motorists. The main message: Share the road, give at least three feet of width when passing, and bicyclists have the right to use the full  travel lane. Great message to spread, right?
Just one [...]

FDOT Funding Workshop: More Transit Dollars!

FDOT is planning this update to the ‘Strategic Intermodal System Plan‘. The plan guides funding to infrastructure projects in our region. Notice the lack of any mention of transit, only major roadway connectors. Lame. I’ll be there, you should too.
From the FDOT:
The SIS is a statewide network of high-priority transportation facilities, including the state’s [...]

Flip It

A recent op-ed published in Newsweek decried the subsidies we give to our rail networks.  Apparently, the author thinks the billions we spend on highways pays for itself.  Thanks to Saint Louis Urban Workshop for flipping this argument on its head. Read carefully to get the full meaning of this truly intelligent post.
The Obama Eisenhower [...]

Transportation, with a side of transit

Last night I moderated attended a transportation panel that brought together highway folks with transit folks in the hopes that they would interact and teach each other a thing or two about how we can advance transit in our community.  The panel included  Alice Bravo (FDOT District 6 Director of Transportation Systems Development), County Commissioner [...]

Connect Florida Transportation Panel

Thanks to everyone who came last night to the Connect Florida Transportation Panel. It was a great discussion generated by audience questions and comments with the panelists. Unfortunately, it only scratched the surface of the subjects I wanted to touch upon, specifically how we can move away from car based transportation solutions, but I think [...]

Pic o’ the Day

Thanks to my buddy Chris Groves for this hilarious ad. (Note the irony: it’s on a freakin’ bus bench!)

I-395 Meeting in Overtown Tomorrow!

Anyone interested in commenting on the expansion of I-395 into a super highway that will further blight our downtown core should attend this meeting! We need to let FDOT know that people come before cars.

I-395 Public Hearing Scheduled
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at the Lyric Theater, 819 N.W. 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida. The hearing will begin [...]

Miami 21 Back on the Agenda!

Via South Florida Business Journal:
Miami Mayor Manny Diaz has scheduled a Sept. 4 special meeting to once again vote on Miami 21, the city’s proposed zoning overhaul that was defeated on a 2-2 vote earlier this month.
Diaz announced the date in an Aug. 20 memo sent to Miami City Clerk Priscilla A. Thompson, city commissioners, [...]

Bueno Mr. Mayor, Se jodió la bicicleta!

A few mornings every week I have breakfast with my grandfather. We shoot the shit, talk about what’s going on at work, and argue/discuss issues from the morning headlines. (To give you an idea of our respective demographic groups, he reads the paper version of el Nuevo Herald, while I read a bunch of online [...]

Seen on the Street: Aggressive Driver Threatens Bicyclists On Virginia Key

This morning I witnessed a driver cut off two bicyclists, stop short, and in true team spirit of the sport, the passenger of the vehicle opened the car door, while the car was in motion, in an attempt to door the bicyclists. Upon witnessing this, a sense of righteous indignation filled me; I had no [...]

Reminder: Bike Miami Rides Tomorrow

‘Just a friendly reminder that Bike Miami Rides is set to take place tomorrow at 8:30 am. Meet us at Mary Brickell Village for a pleasant, police escorted ride through some of Miami’s most interesting neighborhoods.