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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Let’s celebrate our sidewalks!

Come celebrate the completion of the Burle Marx New World Design project on Biscayne Boulevard.  The sidewalks look great; they are wide, walkable and give Downtown Miami a little character and identity. So let’s rejoice in good urbanism with some bossa nova. Bossacucanova will be flying in from Brazil  to play at this free event. [...]

Curitiba BRT Video

Awesome. This should be where how start investing our transit dollars. MDT should also take notice the aspects that make the BRT successful and apply them to the South Dade Busway like elevated stations, signal priority, and streetscape changes. Courtesy of Streetsfilms.

Zipcar Releases Iphone Application

In Zipcar news, the company just released a new free iphone app for users of the poplar service. Now if we could only see them expand to new local markets (like Miami Beach!) Write in the comments section to voice your support for expanding local Zipcar locations.

Like so many urban dwellers today, more than 25 [...]

Dublin: Teaching an Old City New Tricks

A month ago or so I had the opportunity to visit Dublin an old city that in recent years has reinvented itself as a modern, cosmopolitan metropolis. While I didn’t have the opportunity explore the country by rail (somewhat thankfully considering that a bridge collapsed the week after my visit) I was able to experience [...]

Omni Redevelopment Plan: Kudos!

Kudos to Zyscovich and team for producing a forward thinking document in the Omni Redevelopment Plan. Commissioners will vote today in the CRA meeting to send the document to City Commission for approval. The Plan has many good elements, some of which are under discussion by Commissioner Sarnoff for removal (such as the reduced parking [...]

Port Tunnel A Bad Idea

Here we are in a financial crisis that is tearing apart our city services, and the city is still moving forward with plans to spend millions of dollars it doesn’t have on an expensive Port Tunnel it doesn’t need. This is exactly the same type of mismanagement of taxpayer dollars that produced the stadium deal, [...]

A Talk with Herzog and DeMeuron

Head to the Lincoln theater on October 21 and talk with ’starchitects’ Herzog and DeMeuron about their design for the new Miami Art Museum. While you are there ask them why they designed such an ugly building for our most important local art collection. Gotta say, if I could take back my vote for the [...]

Jimmy Buffet for the Miami Marine Stadium

Oil and Carbon News

Beginning January 1 2010 the EPA will begin to collect greenhouse gas (GHG) data from large emitters of heat-trapping emissions under a new reporting system. The new program will cover approximately 85 percent of the nation’s GHG emissions and apply to roughly 10,000 facilities. (EPA)

The 2009 Global Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency [...]

Critical Mass on WPLG Local 10 video

Critical Mass on WPLG Channel 10
Make sure to join in on the fun next month. Pre-Halloween ride. Costumes encouraged!
October 30th, 2009
Government Center
Downtown Miami
Please add the “last Friday of the month” Miami Critical Mass group on Facebook or Myspace if you have not already done so.

Transit Miami Eye on the M-Path

This morning I joined our friends from the Green Mobility Network for a bike ride on the M-Path to see the improvements which Miami-Dade Transit has been working on for the past two months. Although some improvements have been made, they have left much to be desired. From what I experienced, the improvements are mostly [...]

Crtitical Mass is Gathering Steam

The Critical Mass ride last night encouraged 150-170 bicyclists to take the streets of Miami. These are big numbers for Miami and prove that the momentum for bicycling is really picking up here.

The ride was well organized and the turnout created quite a spectacle. We started at Government Center around 7:00pm and headed west on [...]

Babes and Bicycles

Scientific American is reporting that that best lead indicator for bikeability are women riders. Jan Garrard, a senior lecturer at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, says,
If you want to know if an urban environment supports cycling, you can forget about all the detailed ‘bikeability indexes’—just measure the proportion of cyclists who are female.”
Apparently, women [...]

Atlanta Applies for Streetcar Stimulus