Curitiba BRT Video

Awesome. This should be where how start investing our transit dollars. MDT should also take notice the aspects that make the BRT successful and apply them to the South Dade Busway like elevated stations, signal priority, and streetscape changes. Courtesy of Streetsfilms.

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3 Responses to “Curitiba BRT Video”

  1. 1 Prem

    this video is awesome. I’ve been interested in Curitiba since I saw a presentation on by Jaime Learner.

    very interesting stuff

  2. 2 Adam

    I also like their technique of leaving the riverbanks fallow and sloping, and using them as pastureland for sheep, so when it floods it only floods the fallow land and waters the pasture.

    Also, I had heard that back when these transit option were first being introduced, that the main street downtown was being turned into a pedestrian mall, and the auto club decided to have a protest and drive up the pedestrian mall the first day it opened. When they showed up to drive on the mall all of the neighborhood kids and families were there for a chalk painting festival, and they never got their protest.

  3. 3 Allen

    I come from Taiwan,a country in Asin.One of the city named “Taichung” in our country want to build MRT this month.I felt it is not necessary to building MRT.Maybe it can building BRT like Curitiba.
    In Taiwan,many people felt MRT is better than others transportation system,because they do not think too much about cost,build time..etc.
    Sometimes,transportation is building for politics,not for user.

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