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November 21, 2009
2:00 pmto6:00 pm


Thanks to Rydel for sending this along. From Miami Bike Scene:

Riders will go to 5 grocery store checkpoints and buy non-perishable food items from a checklist. There is no registration fee, the $10 goes to purchase the items. All collected goods will be donated to Camillus House at the end of the race. This is for a great cause and at the same time shines a positive spotlight on the local cycling community.

The race is tentatively 17 miles, speed is an obvious advantage but knowing your way around the city & the aisles of a supermarket can also help you significantly. This will be a very fun race, the first of it’s kind in S. Florida. These races have been going on in NYC for the past decade. This will mark our 1st annual Cranksgiving, we plan on continuing the tradition. Sponsors & flier coming soon. Start spreading the word, particularly all you “there’s never nothing to do, this city sucks” types.

If you’re a local bike shop & interested in sponsoring this event then contact me ASAP. If anyone has a connection for “fliers / spoke card laminates” email me.

Additional details, sponsors & prizes TBA.

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  1. Prem says:

    this is awesome, now I just need to find $10, haha.

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