Since Olga Ramos shared her story about walking to work on Brickell, the Transit Miami Eye has been on the lookout for working crosswalk signals.  We have some bad news to report, it’s been three weeks and the pedestrian crosswalk signals are still broken. The evidence is below. Who’s responsible for fixing this?



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3 Responses to Brickell Pedestrian Crosswalk Signals Still Not Working

  1. brody says:

    The city needs to get serious about making Brickell more pedestrian-friendly. There’s no excuses as to why such an urban and dense area shouldn’t have working crosswalks at every intersection.


  2. Dave says:

    All traffic signals, even in the City of Miami, are maintained by Miami-Dade County Public Works. I’m guessing the pedestrian signals, being electric and attached to the traffic lights are also maintained by the County.


  3. Answer says:

    Call 311 to report any traffic signal lights or street lights out. 311 is a great resource to report potholes, need to clean bike routes/ roads, fix lights, trash under bridges and any other general maintenance item in Miami-Dade County including the cities within…


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