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Downtown Sidewalk Disappearing to Accommodate Cars

These pictures were taken yesterday in front of the 200 South Biscayne Boulevard building. Cars have always parked here illegally to pickup passengers. So in order to accommodate the cars, approximately 4 feet of sidewalk has been taken away from pedestrians. Pedestrians are now only left with about 4 feet of sidewalk.

Sorry, but I want the sidewalk back.  One of the most used  Metro Mover stations is less than a block away. There is enough density in this area to justify an 8 foot sidewalk.

How was this approved?

Picture 045

Picture 046

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  1. Prem says:

    cars win another victory, poor design gets another hall pass

  2. kevin says:

    When are they going to learn?!

  3. cb says:

    I bet it’s because of all the idiots that illegally park in the southern lane there as they wait for people in the office building/drop off deliveries. Making room for the rude fools of Miami…

  4. Bruised says:

    I couldn’t believe this when I saw it. This section of Biscayne/2nd St is so incredibly wide anyway. To widen it more instead of just change the use of existing lanes is surprisingly stupid. This in front of the DDA office who are starting a pedestrian and mobility study that will undoubtedly show that Biscayne is too wide and this section is far too wide.

  5. Complete Streets? says:

    I thought Miami passed a complete streets program? This should be sent directly to the City Manager, Mayor, Sarnoff and DDA. This is obsurd!

  6. John says:

    this is Miami! where quality of life takes a backseat to thongs and clubs

  7. Felipe Azenha says:

    I like thongs and clubs too! But I also like sidewalks. We can have all three in Miami.

  8. Richard R-P says:

    Thank you, Felipe. There are too many people (see John’s and cb’s comments) who jump at the opportunity to deride and denigrate Miami and its people. I can’t imagine why these individuals continue living here if they are so disappointed with the place.

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