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  1. Prem says:

    Transit Miami,
    This post appeared in my RSS feed, but not on the website.

    Que passa?

  2. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    The changes affecting my neck-of-the-woods are the realignment of the Route 83 that will be merged with the 183rd Street Max to form the new 183rd Street Local, and then the Route 75 that will cover portions of the Route 83. I’m not terribly concerned about the changes. Frankly, it’s the transit users who don’t stay informed or who have low literacy levels that I’m mostly concerned about, but I think the changes, on the surface, range from either good to not much of a difference (from a end-user standpoint), but we’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

  3. Prem says:

    Let me clarify,
    this post is not appearing on the transitmiami homepage, however the article itself obviously still exists.
    Could this be reposted?

  4. Tony Garcia says:

    Prem, the contributed articles only appear on the ‘Community Commentary’ page. Not on the main page.

  5. Prem says:

    While that’s disappointing to hear (as I can’t imagine a secondary page would get nearly as much traffic as the main page) I’d also like to point out that from I can find no way to access the community commentary page.

    Clicking “community commentary” takes one to the submit content page, not to a page of submitted content.
    From this article itself I can find the link on the right hand side of the page to
    But nowhere on the main site is there any way to find this.

    In either case, and not that it matters much, I doubt I’ll submit any more content if it’s going to get relegated to a backroom. Why not create a forum instead? What I enjoyed about submitting content was the opportunity to see it hosted on the main page, where it could make an impact on readers.
    Without that, if it really is just the ability to comment on the site, I would at least prefer a forum/message board.

  6. Tony Garcia says:

    Prem, on the community commentary page you will find a list of all the posts submitted by users. In addition, these posts are sent out in the daily emails. As the comments section shows, people are reading and paying attention to what you and others post. It might not be the best system, but it would be a shame if you stopped using it.

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