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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

Who’s to blame for the biker’s death?

Please check out the editorial in the Miami Herald regarding the accident which occurred on the Rickenbacker Causeway two weeks ago that killed bicyclist Christopher Le Canne. Three residents ring in with their opinions.
Michael Muench from Miami calls for improvements to the design of the Rickenbacker Causeway, which include physically separated bicycle lanes. Physically separated [...]

Just Another Saturday Morning on the Rickenbacker Causeway…

Today was my first day back on the road bike since the deadly accident two weeks ago on Bear Cut Bridge. Quite frankly, I was a little spooked by the accident and it has taken me a couple of weeks to build some courage to ride again.
As usual hundreds of bicyclists and pedestrians were [...]

Not Just Another Bike Lane…

All bicycle lanes are not created equal.
"Hi, cyclist! Rest your foot here… and thank you for cycling in the city."
Bike lanes, cycle tracks. Wide lanes, bike paths. Bike boxes, Share the Road signs. There are more kinds of ‘bicycle infrastructure’ than you might imagine and engineers around the world are constantly improving on what we [...]

Transit Miami Driver Wall of Shame

Earlier this evening, around 6:15pm, my fiancé and I decided to ride our bicycles to Miami Beach from Brickell. While riding on north on NE 1st Ave we were nearly sided swiped by two cars within a 30 second period.  The first car got away.  The second driver wasn’t so lucky. I caught up with [...]

This is ‘High Speed Rail’

In honor of President Obama’s announcement of Florida’s high speed rail grant money, I thought I would share what real high speed rail looks like. This is the JR Maglev, developed by the Japanese Railway company. Reaching maximum speeds of 581 kph -  that’s 361 mph - this isn’t some sissy Amtrack 200 mph stuff. [...]

2 Boys Die in Separate Bicycle Accidents

The Miami Herald is reporting that 2 boys died in separate bicycle accidents in Hillsborough County, Florida.
Twelve-year-old Mitchell Bowers, died Tuesday evening. He was riding in the bicycle lane when he reportedly turned left in front of a car and was hit. He later died at the hospital.
The second boy, 11-year-old Bryan Lebron Jr., was [...]


Where Do We Go From Here?

Dear Fellow Cyclists:
I read with great interest your involvement in this past weekend’s memorial ride for Mr. Christophe Le Canne.  I am a native Miamian and grew up cycling Key Bicayne for many years so I know the area very well.  I currently live in Palm Beach County and serve as a National Board Member for [...]

Petition to Lower Speed on Rickenbacker, Shorten Emergency Response Time

There is a growing movement to reduce the speed on the Rickenbacker Causeway and a formal petition is set to be submitted to local leaders today. The petition reads as follows:
To improve safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, the undersigned petitions Miami-Dade County, the
Board of County Commissioners, to [...]

Reminder: Miami Beach Bikeways Committee Meeting

Tomorrow, Wednesday January 27 @ 2:00 PM the Miami Beach Bikeways Committee has its first monthly meeting of 2010, in the Mayor’s Conference Room, on the Fourth Floor at Miami Beach City Hall. Please be on time.
The general public is welcomed to attend, and Miami Beach residents interested in the topic of bicycles should definitely [...]

Reminder: Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting

Tomorrow, Wednesday January 27 @ 5:30pm, the monthly BPAC meeting will be held. All of you that have concerns about pedestrian and bicycle related issues in Miami Dade County should attend this very important meeting.  We need to keep momentum on our side.  Our elected officials are listening. You can find all the information about [...]

Thousands Attend the Key Biscayne Memorial Bike Ride

An estimated 4000 bicyclists and pedestrians showed up this morning for the Key Biscayne Memorial Bike Ride to pay their respects to Christophe Le Canne, the bicyclist that was killed last Sunday by a hit and run driver.

Bicyclists came from as far as the west coast of Florida, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. I hope [...]

Update: Key Biscayne Memorial Ride

We expect a large turnout for the Key Biscayne Memorial Ride on Sunday. The County Public Works Department along with the Miami Dade, Key Biscayne and Miami Police Departments have been working tirelessly over the past few days to ensure our safety. We expect between 1000-2000 bicyclists and possibly more. Cyclists from as far as [...]

Another Bicyclist Hit on Key Biscayne

According to the Key Biscayne Times, a young girl was struck by a car while riding her bicycle in Key Biscayne. The car was making a right hand turn and hit the bicyclist. Luckily the girl seems to be doing alright.