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This is ‘High Speed Rail’

In honor of President Obama’s announcement of Florida’s high speed rail grant money, I thought I would share what real high speed rail looks like. This is the JR Maglev, developed by the Japanese Railway company. Reaching maximum speeds of 581 kph -  that’s 361 mph - this isn’t some sissy Amtrack 200 mph stuff. I doubt this is what we’re getting, but getting to Orlando in 1.5 hours is better than three or more.

See you real soon Orlando.

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  1. ML says:

    if 200mph is sissy than idk what you would call the to-be-built 79mph $400 million Ohio “high speed rail” passenger service. What’s worse to me is that even though the Tampa-Orlando route would go 110-150mph, it will be built in the middle of the highway away from the city centers all the while the East Coast Amtrak service funding is nowhere to be seen.

  2. Tony says:

    I’m not knocking any current high speed rail projects, just showing what others do with their transportation dollars.

  3. Tony says:

    Ps. im being sarcastic….obviously 200 mph is very fast. The video serves as a comparsion.

  4. Andronicus says:

    The train’s first phase will be between Tampa and Orlando, Then it will be expanded to Miami

  5. Tony says:

    That’s the idea.

  6. Neil Fritz says:

    The Tampa-Orlando is a great first step. Permits are in place and they’re ready to go. The key to urban connection will be commuter rail (Tri-Rail, SunRail) and light rail. The Amtrak connection ‘Jacksonville south to Miami’ is another key component that’s moving forward.

    Check out the Facebook video link below - then let’s start organizing connecting transit plans for the future Miami-Orlando high-speed phase. Tampa and Orlando have led the way, but we have so much more potential.

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