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Carollo Supports Bike Miami Days “On the Record”

"Mr. Carollo was here."
Commissioner Carollo wants you to know that he supports Bike Miami Days. At today’s meeting of the City Commission, Mayor Regalado presented a statement to commissioners on the scheduled April 25 event. Before he could move on to his next point, Commissioner Carollo asked to put on the record,
I was at the [...]

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More Cars is Not the Answer

I accidentally stumbled on this and realized that this is the future that our local elected officials want for us. From the conservative Reason Foundation:
Miami could significantly reduce severe congestion and have room for the incoming population growth by adding 3,400 new lane-miles by 2030 at an estimated cost of $30 billion, in today’s dollars. [...]

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Commissioner Carollo Not (Yet) Supporting the Bicycle Master Plan?

Commissioner Frank Carollo, District 3
At this week’s Bicycle Action Committee meeting, the regular updates given on the status of the Bicycle Master Plan were missing a few crucial projects, all of which are in Commissioner Frank Carollo’s district. I asked the Bicycle Coordinator, Collin Worth, what happened? Ever the diplomat, he informed us [...]

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Pic ‘o the Day

 I wonder how these folks feel about cuts in bus service?
(thanks to blackice3oh5 for the image, from yesterday’s rush hour)

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Graffiti by Bike

[ March 6, 2010; 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. ]

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MDT’s Big Bet on BRT is BUSted

As high speed rail progresses through the planning stages special attention will need to be paid to the important issue of local connectivity in ensuring high ridership (and high speed rail’s success). Our major problem with funding transit expansion has been the federal government’s unwillingness to give us money because of the demonstrated lack of [...]

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Alternative Transportation Alternatives endorses out of the box thinking, innovative transportation alternatives and fun. That stated, we leave it to our readers to assess these six new vehicles, presented to us by :: “These are the baffling contraptions that remind us that while thinking outside the box is cool and all, you should probably make sure [...]

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Transit Miami Shout-Out: Commissioner Gimenez and the Miami Police Department

We have some good Rickenbacker Causeway news to report this week.
A Transit Miami Shout-Out goes to Commissioner Carlos Gimenez. Commissioner Gimenez has proposed a resolution to conduct an analysis of the current expenditure of toll revenue generated by the Rickenbacker Causeway and to develop a work plan to allocate 25 cents of every toll collected [...]

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Pic O’ the Day

This beautiful city was planned largely around the holiday home of the country’s leading family. It is also home to one of the largest “World Naked Bike Rides”.

Can you name this city?
UPDATE: Visual hints…

The North Laines

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Super-Bowl Weekend in Miami: Where Was Our Transit System?

 From the Transit Miami inbox, concerned reader Jennifer Garcia writes:
Dear Transit Miami Team,
The direction in which Miami-Dade Transit is heading toward has started to concern me, as it probably concerns several people sharing the interest of seeing this city reaching its potential.  I understand that times are tough and that budget cuts are inevitable.  I [...]

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Model City

Model City at the Arsht Center
Saturday, March 6 at 2pm and Sunday March 7 at 7pm.

The Krane ( will be performing Model City at The Black Box at the Adrienne Arsht Center For the Performing Arts. We are part of the Incubator Projects for the Miami Made Festival.
Tickets for Incubator are [...]

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Oh the Humanity!

I recieved this email from TM reader Gerardo Vildostegui:
Dear Transit Miami,
I hope you’ll consider writing a reply to this column by Daniel Shoer Roth.
Shoer Roth is a friend of mass transit and has written often (mostly in El Nuevo Herald) about the problems with sprawl and with auto-oriented development in South Florida.  But this article [...]

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Let’s Talk about PARKING

The esteemed people of are just some of the people talking about car parking challenges this week -
A Very Tight Hoboken Street (
Ian Sacs, Hoboken’s own Department of Transportation and Parking Director, writes an engaging and informative piece on how the exceptionally dense but car-enamored city is anticipating its urban parking problems and introducing [...]

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Ghost Bike Removed from Bear Cut Bridge

The ghost bike which was placed on Bear Cut Bridge in memory of Christophe Le Canne has been removed.  We are not sure who removed it, but please return it to its rightful place.

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Carlos Bertonatti is back in the slammer

Source: Miami Dade Corrections
According to the New Times Carlos Bertonatti is back in the slammer.  Apparently Betronatti lied about only having a Venezuelan passport. It seems he forgot to mention that he also posses an Argentinean and a Romanian passport. Based on his past history of not showing up to court dates, Judge David Miller [...]

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