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Visit Overtown this Monday

Streets of Overtown
Historic Overtown, a neighborhood rich with culture and ripe for positive change, sits just blocks from Downtown Miami and ParkWest. Cut in half decades ago by I-95 and I-395, the neighborhood has been undergoing an almost painfully slow renaissance, simultaneously fueled and stunted by the injection of millions of dollars that seem to [...]

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The Center for Public Integrity Profiles South Florida Road Lobby

Watch the video: The Transportation Lobby, Report on South Florida
The Center for Public Integrity has been leading investigations into the Transportation Lobby nationally and just today  released their report on South Florida. The piece includes parts of an interview with your TM contributor and some photos seen first on this blog. Watch the video and [...]

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Broward County Bicycle Sharing

If you haven’t heard, Denver launched their B-Cycle Bicycle Sharing program last week, on Earth Day. They have about 400 bicycles at 40 stations around the city. It would be great to get something like that down this way, right?
Turns out South Florida is not far behind. This morning a selection commitee met to rank [...]

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YikeBike Personal Mobility Vehicle

I saw this first via Twitter and it left me going “Whaaaat?” It’s called YikeBike, and it’s what its creators term a “mini-farthing,” a modern and miniaturized evolution of the venerable penny farthing bicycle.
Launched back in November at Eurobike, the YikeBike stands out, in my opinion, as the most unique of the new crop of [...]

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Bike Miami Days a Success!

An estimated 1500 cyclists attended Bike Miami Days in Coconut Grove this past Sunday. Congratulations to the City of Miami and the Dutch Consulate for putting together another fantastic event. A special thanks to Collin Worth, Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Miami, for making it happen.
We should also thank M.O.S.T (Miami Open Streets Team), [...]

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Do you heart Transit Miami?

Is so, (and you should) please check us out on facebook.  We post all our articles on facebook. Please spread the word to your friends.  We are slowly trying to make Miami a better city for everyone, but we need your support.

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This Will Not Improve Transportation.

As a person who traverses through this intersection more than I care to admit, I can say with confidence that the only good part of this project is to allow you to go West when traveling north on the 826. Why they had to supersize the entrances at Flagler Street (which will only create more [...]

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Miami Beach Bikeways Committee - Jan & Mar 2010

Below you will find the minutes for the January and March meetings of the Miami Beach Bikeways Committee. The next meeting is today, April 28, and I will post a report and upload the minutes a few days later.

January Meeting (PDF) - Topics covered include: bikes on Lincoln Rd, update of various road projects, bike [...]

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Tuesday News

Commissioner Sarnoff realizes that being green makes green:

“A recent report by the Earthday Network ranked Miami 71 out of 72 major American cities based on environmental policies, the benefits of taking part in a Container Deposit Program, both financially and environmentally are too great to ignore,” says Commissioner Sarnoff. “The City currently spends more than [...]

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Quick Release from the SFBC: Active Transportation Under Attack in Palm Beach

UPDATE: Local Homeowners Associations in unicorporated Palm Beach County are winning their fight against a proposed multi-use path along Lyons Road, just west of Boca Raton. We are told that Palm Beach County Engineering had been planning to address one of the most dangerous roadways for bicyclists and pedestrians in the area with their Lyons Road [...]

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MDT’s New Website ‘Design’: Repackaging Doesn’t Change Message

I was just strolling through Miami-Dade Transit’s spiffy new website.  I like the new website design, its easy to navigate and unoffensive, but unfortunately, it can’t tell me anything I want to hear.   It can’t tell me when a bus will arrive at a given location (like a gps bus tracker common in other [...]

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Report from the City of Miami Bicycle Action Committee

The City of Miami hosts regular meetings of the Bicycle Action Committee to update members of the public and city employees to the status of the Bicycle Master Plan and to discuss related issues in our community. City Commissioners are encouraged to send staff representatives and to invite residents from their districts to attend. Each [...]

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Stop Florida Senate from Undermining Fair Districts

Yesterday, the Florida House of Representatives passed HJR 7231, voting in its own self interest and against the people’s call for Fair Districts.
Nearly 2 million Florida voters have signed petitions saying they want to end the ability of lawmakers to draw districts for their own political advantage. Now, during the final days of the legislative [...]

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True Words From Joe Garcia

If politicians can find tax-payer funds to build luxury baseball stadiums, they ought to be able to fund our schools and hospitals.

Nice. I like this guy. I don’t know what he thinks about transit, but he makes sense to me. The quote, and following letter, are attributable to Joe Garcia- democratic candidate [...]

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The Rickenbacker Report: Cyclist and MDT Bus Involved in Accident

34 Miles
This morning a female cyclist rear-ended a Miami-Dade Transit bus on the Rickenbacker Causeway. The cyclist suffered minor injuries and was not taken to the hospital. I don’t have all the details of the accident, but this much I do know: the cyclist was in the bike lane and she rear-ended the bus that [...]

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