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Miami Beach Bikeways Committee - Apr & May 2010

Here’s a quick recap of the salient points from these meetings.
April Meeting (PDF)

Miami Beach has a few roadway projects that are of interest to the Bikeways Committee, including Collins Park, 44 St, Bayshore area in Middle Beach, Dade Blvd and 51 St. These are all in various stages of development and for the most part [...]

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Follow @BikeMIA for Miami Bike News on Twitter

Recently, all Bike Miami assets were transferred back to the City of Miami for their management, including all social media components, like the Facebook page and the @BikeMiami Twitter account. For a while I managed the Twitter account as a volunteer, stepping down once I started university classes back in January (though always still helping [...]

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Bicyclist Injured in Key Biscayne

A cyclist was struck by a car yesterday morning in Key Biscayne. According to the Miami Herald, the cyclist ran a red light and was then struck by the car. If this accurate, it does not surprise me one bit. Quite frankly, there are too many testosterone-filled cyclists out there giving good cyclists a bad [...]

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The Economist Preaches to the Transit Miami Choir

In the April 3rd-9th 2010 issue of the Economist, the conservative British periodical ran a special report on Rebalancing the American Economy. In the article titled “Time to Rebalance” the Economist had this to say:
America’s economic geography will change too. Cheap petrol and ample credit encouraged millions of American to flock to southern states and [...]

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Bicycle Friendly Florida

Yesterday the League of American Bicyclists released it’s ranking of Bicycle Friendly States. Florida moved up the scale to number 12 for 2010.
There was some snafu with the documentation submitted by Florida to the League last year, making Florida rank much lower in 2009 (32) than 2008. If you want to know how well we’ve [...]

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Walt Disney was an urban planner

Check out this video from 1966 about EPCOT City.  Walt Disney was a true visionary and an urban planner at heart. He goes as far as saying “The pedestrian will be king” in EPCOT. I sure hope we can unfreeze Uncle Walt so he can help us redesign our cities. Walt Disney-you da man.

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Quote of the Day

Turning to the longer-term transportation policy, we need to consider that over the next 50 years the U.S. population is expected to rise by over 60 percent, and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to quadruple. As our population grows, and as incomes rise, the demand for transportation will grow accordingly. The question is how will [...]

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Miami Dade Transit Bus Bike Collision Caught on Video

Check out this video of the collision between a Miami Dade Transit Bus and a bicyclist. The Miami New Times reported about this collision several weeks ago.  Aggressive behavior by bus drivers against bicyclists happens all too often. I personally have witnessed and have also been a victim of aggressive behavior by bus drivers on [...]

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Enforcement increases on the Rickenbacker Causeway, but hazards still remain.

Since the hit and run collision that killed cyclist Christoph LeCanne in January, the Transit Miami Eye has noticed that the Miami Dade Police Department has wholeheartedly stepped up enforcement on the Rickenbacker Causeway.  This morning I noticed a small army of Miami Dade police officers pulling over speeding cars. Well done MDPD, your efforts [...]

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The Golden Arches and Energy Policy

This morning CNBC reported that 65% of McDonalds’ sales are derived from their drive-thru business. As long as we have drive-thrus in this country we can pretty much forget about any real serious energy policy. We are digging deeper offshore oil wells and importing oil from unfriendly nations such as Venezuela so that we can [...]

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Transit Miami on Facebook

Can’t get enough of Transit Miami? Neither can we.  We post all our articles on facebook. Join us on facebook.

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Transitography #138: France

For the past couple of weeks I have been eating, drinking, and biking my way through France. My wife and I spent a week honeymooning in Provence and another week in Paris.
We spent the first week of our honeymoon cycling through the heart of wine country in Provence. Our tour was organized by Headwater and [...]

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Several bicycling collisions reported

The Miami New Times is reporting three separate cycling collisions during the past couple of weeks. One involved a Miami Dade County Bus, another involving a drunken motorcyclist, and yet another involving a private bus; as is usually the case the cyclist ends up on the losing end.
Great job Miami New Times for keeping us [...]

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Mayor Lives Up To His Word: Miami 21 To Be Implemented On Schedule

True to his word, Mayor Tomas Regalado made only minor comments before the City Commission today related to future amendments to the code after implementation. Later, while waiting for the City Manager to make a presentation regarding the budget, the commissioners went around griping about how there was not enough public process, or that the [...]

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Floridians Want More Public Transit

Since December, The Florida Public Transportation Association has been conducting an online survey regarding statewide attitudes among Floridians regarding public transit. The surprising results of the survey were released recently:

66% of respondents say that, during a trip in Florida within the last month, they consciously [...]

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