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University of Miami Student Struck by SUV Crossing U.S. 1

The Miami Hurricane is reporting that Marie Cushmore, a senior at the University of Miami was struck by a Ford Expedition while crossing U.S. 1 and Mariopsa Court last Wednesday around 9:30pm.
Unfortunately, this is not the first accident here. According to The Miami Hurricane this intersection has had a history of accidents involving UM student [...]

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EAR 2010 website update, BCC public hearing on Oct. 20

The EAR 2010 website is now updated to reflect the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) resolution with recommendations, dated August 10, 2010. Recommended changes to the text of the Draft 2010 EAR adopted by the PAB (acting as the Local Planning Agency) on August 10, 2010 are shown in red and strikethrough for deletions and underlining [...]

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Bike Miami Days is Back!

Downtown Miami will be hosting the next Bike Miami Day on Sunday, October 10, 2010. Preparations are underway to bring back this great event where residents get to re-discover Downtown, Miami in a new and refreshing way by being able to walk, bike and enjoy the city streets.
Streets will be closed from 9am-2pm at the [...]

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Brickell Avenue bus stop taken out for fourth time in two years

August 24, 2010
The very same Brickell Avenue bus stop was taken out again last night.  This is at least the fourth time in two years that this has occurred. Our call for reducing the design speed of Brickell Avenue has fallen on deaf ears and FDOT has refused to make this area safer for pedestrians [...]

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Transit Miami Response to the Rickenbacker Causeway Improvements

Sorry for the delay in my response folks. As you may know, we here at Transit Miami were unable to attend the Cycling Town Hall Meeting co-hosted by Commissioners Ralph Cabrera and Carlos Gimenez several months ago. We received a lot of feedback from those who attended and we have reviewed the recommendations for improvement [...]

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New Water Park Sounds Refreshing..

It is a welcomed (albeit rare) surprise to read about a private developer in Miami-Dade County who has a grand, gimmicky idea but doesn’t want to pay for it with public funds. Such is the case of the owners of Sun Life Stadium, who are planning on building a water park adjacent to the Stadium to replace their [...]

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SFPark Wants Motorists to “Circle Less, Live More”

The ever progressive City of San Francisco is aiming to reduce traffic congestion by manipulating parking costs so that any given block will always have one free parking space. The new program is called SFPark and you can check out how the new technology works here:
Click to Watch the SFPark Intro Video
As GOOD put it, [...]

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Florida Statewide Transportation Summit

A Message From Horizon 2060:
A Statewide Transportation Summit will be held August 19 and 20 in Orlando on the future of transportation in Florida.
     At this event, all interested partners and members of the public will have an opportunity to provide input on draft language for the 2060 Florida Transportation Plan and to help kickoff an [...]

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USGBC August Meeting

[ August 17, 2010; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ]

The Broward chapter of the US Green Building Council will be hosting a public meeting on the topic of Planning for Sustainable Communities: Transit, Bicycles, and Pedestrians. Join us on August 17 at 6pm (District IV’s auditorium on 3400 West Commercial Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale), from 6-8pm.

The meeting is just $10 for members [...]

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Repost: Responding to Road Rage

Greater Miami in Another Top Ten List
The Road Rage problem hit close to home over the weekend, when one of our readers was intentionally hit by an enraged driver in West Miami. We were again shocked on hearing of a similar incident in Boca, as well. In both incidents, police came to the scene and [...]

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Transit Miami and FDOT take a field trip on Brickell Avenue

A couple of weeks ago I met with FDOT representatives regarding the Brickell Avenue resurfacing project which will break ground sometime in January 2011. The project is expected to take two years to complete.  The scope of the project is relatively large and includes a new drainage system with pump house, as well as the [...]

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Complete Streets are for Everyone.

A few weeks ago on this blog, Felipe pointed out how incomplete streets are more than just an inconvenience for some people. For people like Lance, who rely on active transportation for exercise or just simple mobility, designing and maintaining our roads and sidewalks to accommodate everyone is the difference between being able to get [...]

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Happy Birthday, Bogotá! 472 Years Young

The beautiful metropolitan city of Bogotá, Colombia is celebrating its 472nd birthday this weekend. Transit Miami celebrates Bogota as a modern model for implementing livable streets and communities through effective planning, citizen engagement, progressive infrastructure and continued investment in a more sustainable city. From transit to common sense governance, Bogota has transformed itself in the [...]

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Continuance of PAB Public Hearing On the EAR

Please be advised that the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) voted for a continuance of the public hearing on the Draft 2010 Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR), to formulate its recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). The continuance of the PAB public hearing will be held on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 9:30 AM [...]

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