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Please join us on  facebook and spread the word about Transit Miami to your facebook friends.  Thanks for all your support!

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Use Parking Authority Revenue For Transit

Looks like City of Miami residents can expect a show-down between Elected City officials and the Miami Parking Authority at the ballot box in November. Control of the MPA is being contested between City of Miami Commissioners /Mayor who want a greater piece of the parking money pie, and the independant Board that exists to run the MPA. A  semi-autonomous entity, [...]

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1,000 Miami Residents for Safer Streets?

Today, tell FDOT that you deserve safer streets where you live and do business.
Brickell Avenue, one of Florida’s premier residential and business streets, will soon be upgraded as a priority project of the Florida Department of Transportation. FDOT can make this street safer and they need to know that this is YOUR priority.
The South Florida Bike [...]

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Unsuitable Brickell Avenue

Just the other day I was crossing Brickell Avenue and SE 8th St on my bike with a green crosswalk light when a large SUV pulled up within inches and honked his horn.  I was startled of course, not only is the sight of a massive 4,000 pound hunk of metal a bit intimidating and [...]

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We need the FEC connection

[ September 21, 2010; 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm. ] The below commentary was sent to us by a Transit Miami reader in response to today’s article in the Miami Herald. As a transit advocate adding regional rail along the FEC corridor just makes common sense. We need all Transit Miami readers to show their support by attending one of the FDOT [...]

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Regarding the Virginia Key Bike Trails

The following letter was written by Sam Van Leer in response to the Miami Herald story, “Bike-trail project a lot tougher than expected,” Miami Herald, Sept. 12, 2010.
The Virginia Key Master Plan approved by the City of Miami in July 2010 is based largely on the Consensus reached at the Virginia Key Coalition’s Charrette of September 2009. On [...]

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Transit Miami Shout Out to the Adrienne Arsht Center

A special thanks to the Adrianne Arsht Center for organizing the first annual Fall for the Arts festival.  After today’s success this event will now become a yearly occurrence meant to kick-off the the season for Miami’s burgeoning arts scene. Downtown Miami came alive today as thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds showed [...]

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Is Miami the Next Global City?

Foreign Policy sat down with sociologist Saskia Sassen and she had this to say about the Magic City:
Many of today’s global cities are old-world cities that reinvented themselves. Like London or Istanbul, they already had enormous complexity and diversity. On the other hand, there are old-world cities, like Venice, that are definitely not global cities [...]

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UPG Celebrates Second Year!

Transit Miami friend and environmental activist Sam Van Lear is celebrating the second successful year of the Urban Paradise Guild. If you are not already familiar with the UPG, it is a great organization that Sam founded to work toward the restoration of native ecosystems throughout South Florida. Please check out the celebration at Oleta [...]

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Correction: FDOT Showdown Has Been Delayed

[ September 15, 2010; 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. ] There has been a bit of miscommunication and FDOT will not be present at the Brickell Homeowners Association meeting next week. My sincerest apologies for the misunderstanding. Regardless, anyone that lives, works, or plays around the Brickell area is welcome to join our lively discussion regarding the upcoming Brickell Avenue resurfacing project that will begin [...]

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Fall For The Arts

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We are on Facebook!

We want to be your facebook friend.

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Where is the enforcement on Brickell?

We have been talking a lot lately about FDOT’s upcoming Brickell Avenue resurfacing project. One thing that has been noticeably absent is police enforcement of traffic violations on Brickell. I lived on Brickell Avenue for a year and half and have now been working there for the past two and a half years.  Not once [...]

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FDOT Showdown on Brickell. Let’s Rally the Livable Streets Troops!

Please join the Brickell Homeowners Association as they host FDOT District 6 on Wednesday September 15 @ 7:00pm at the Metropolitan Condominium located at 2475 Brickell Avenue. It would be a good idea to encourage as many people as possible to attend this meeting. If you live, work, play or visit the Brickell area this [...]

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Dreaming about Clever Crosswalks

Although we have to beg our local officials to install proper Zebra crosswalks in Miami Dade County, it doesn’t hurt to dream a bit. Check out this idea from Korean designer Jae Min Lim.

He has the clever idea to turn crosswalks into J’s. By curving the typical Zebra crossing to take up a wider swath [...]

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