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Advertising board replaced for 4th time in two years; Transit Miami is now taking bets on next accident.


Last week after another accident


Today after replacement

This advertising board on Brickell and 15th Street was replaced again this week. This is at least the fourth time in two years that it has been destroyed by a speeding vehicle and then replaced.  Four accidents in two years doesn’t seem to be enough to convince FDOT to address the design speed of this curve, or for the responsible party to change the location of this advertising board/bench to a safer site .  Since we have to laugh so that we don’t cry about what is in fact a very dangerous situation, we are taking wages as to when the next accident will occur here.  Transit Miami consulted a Las Vegas oddsmaker and the current over/under for the next accident is 6 months. Below are the odds. Please place your bets in the comments section.

1 month:   6:1

2 months: 5:1

3 months: 4:1

4 months: 3:1

5 months: 2:1

6 months: Even

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not the design speed of the curve… the problem is the long, straight segment of Brickell with no stop lights or any other reason to slow down. Actually there is no curve at all, Brickell is two straight streets bent at 15th Road. Too bad that FDOT didn’t take the opportunity to acquire some property on the west side of Brickell to realign the street and make a real curve. Now that the 1455 Brickell Office building is there that’s impossible.

  2. Felipe Azenha says:

    Thanks Anon. You are absolutely right. Thanks for clarifying, the long stretch of roadway which is straight and goes uninterrupted is the problem. More needs to be done to discourage speeding. FDOT does not plan to address this major issue in the upcoming resurfacing project. Shameful at best.

  3. Dave says:

    Speaking of bus stop advertisements, whats up with the “Still a Virgin? We can help” ads? I’ve seen them on at least 3 bus stops around the County including one downtown (I think it was on Flagler near Miami Ave). I’m tempted to call the number just to see what they are offering lol.

  4. Dave says:

    Never mind, i googled it and its just a silly promotion for an upcoming movie:

  5. Charlie Fischer says:

    It’s funny they’ve replaced the ad with one from a hospital; that way you’ll know where to go when you’re smashed up against it.

  6. Ellen says:

    I put my wager on October 31, 2010.

  7. Four months from now - I’m calling it!

  8. Anonymous says:

    If the pot surpasses potential damage to my car, I’ll bet it happens this afternoon ;)

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