’s coverage of the recent fatal accident on the Rickenbacker has garnered its own press in The Miami Herald and now, MSNBC, as well.

The MSNBC piece focuses on our “an ambitious project to document the crashes that often prove fatal in and around Miami, using a Google map that keeps track of the accident sites and whether there were any fatalities.” You can read the whole article here. We need your help to ensure this project’s success. If you are aware of any bicycle collisions, please email us whatever details you can. It is our hope that this will serve as a tool for planners, engineers, policy makers and advocates. Learn more about the project in TM’s post below.

The Transit Miami team is proud to report on important transportation and urban planning issues that affect all of us in the Greater Miami area. Thank you to all of our readers for making one of the top blogs in our community.

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6 Responses to MSNBC Reports on TransitMiami’s Newest Project

  1. Grayson Peddie says:

    Are you referring to this?


  2. Lance says:

    Congrats! Maybe it takes national media attention for something to be done about the abysmal bicycling situation in Miami. Thank you for being proactive TM!


  3. John says:

    its about time this gets the medias attention. I prefer to help my city be more livable rather than know if Madonna as wearing a leopard thong or not -_- lol. Congrats!


  4. @j2dahizzay says:

    This is the ideal exposure we need thanks TM.


  5. Mike Lydon says:

    Hi all. I love that we’re taking on this project. Crash data is available from the County from year’s past. You may consider getting your hands on it to add a historical perspective.


  6. Ryan says:

    Thanks, Mike - already in the works.


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