We’re pleased to announce the addition of a very talented transportation advocate from Miami Beach, Ms. Gabrielle Redfern.  Her efforts to bring the first bike lanes to the city of Miami Beach (the infamous 3 block section on 42nd street) spurned her interest in other opportunities to increase mobility throughout Miami Beach.  She is a member of the Miami Beach Design & Review Board, a member of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Bikeways on Miami Beach, and a former member of the BPAC.  Gabrielle is a self proclaimed “transit junkie” and a welcomed addition to our staff.  Her first article will be appearing by the end of the week.

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7 Responses to Transit Miami Welcomes Gabrielle Redfern

  1. Kyle says:

    Welcome and thank you for all you’ve done for Miami!


  2. Julian says:

    Sounds like a great addition. Welcome.


  3. Kordor says:

    Agreed, sounds like a great addition, looking forward to your talent and intensity, Ms. Redfern.


  4. Kordor says:

    To celebrate: http://hypem.com/track/564964


  5. John Corey says:

    Bravo! Transit Miami is lucky to have someone of this caliber.


  6. Johnny says:

    Welcome! :^)


  7. SaveYourSole says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    Grats on the gig. It was good to see you in the commission meeting on July 16th and on the side of pedicabs. Keep up the fight.

    Dane, from SaveYourSole pedicab.


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