Easily, the most insane runway at any international airport…


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5 Responses to Metro Monday: Landing a 747 at St. Maarten

  1. Duran says:

    I’ve actually flown in and out of this airport. It’s the SCARIEST airport I’ve ever had to fly into and out of. When you are landing you swear you are going to fall into the ocean. But even scarier is leaving from the airport. St. Maarten is just one big mountain so when a plane leaves it usually takes off in the direction of the mountain. In order to avoid slamming into it, pilots need to gain a lot of speed quickly and jerk the plane up as soon as it takes off. Even then you can see the mountain probably 50 feet below you. I literally had a panic attack.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! And I thought that the approach to DCA runway 19 was an incredible sight but this blows it away. I have never seen a plane flying any lower over a public space!


  3. C.L. Jahn says:

    Atlantic City’s old Bader Field was much like this, but it handled only much smaller aircraft. Nothing like looking out the window, watching the water get closer and closer and closer, and just as you’re about to kiss the drink WHAM you’re on the runway.

    No mountain on the other end. Just condos, hotels, and apartments.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It have flown into St. Marteen before, and on take-off, the planes bank hard right to stay away from the Mountain. I also spent a morning on the beach, watching the planes come in. My hotel room had a great view… It was fun..

  5. Alex says:

    Scarier still is St. Barths… the planes skim a mountain and then dive into the landing strip.

    In Hong Kong the plane goes right over the city and very low in one approach and in another the landing strip just juts out into the ocean. You get the feeling the pilot could clip the landing gear on the edge.

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