Copenhagen isn’t content with the fact that only 55% percent of its population bikes everyday. In order to encourage more bicycling, they are expanding their bicycling network to the outlying areas with bicycle superhighways. The idea is for bicyclists to maintain an average speed of 12mph by utilizing a series of three existing bicycle routes which will be converted into bicycle super highways with a series of improvements which include timed lights. Read more about it here. Simply brilliant.

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2 Responses to Bicycle Superhighways coming to Copenhagen

  1. Mike Lydon says:

    London is instituting a billion dollars worth of cycle highways too.

    Apparently, Europeans see the future and it includes bicycles.


  2. JM Palacios says:

    I maintain an average speed of about 18 mph on my bicycle on Commercial Blvd. People complain about poor light timing in Broward County, but apparently they’re just timed for bicycists! ;-)


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