Kudos to FDOT for installing bike lanes along Coral Way from 12 Avenue into Downtown. They are still working on getting the signage up, but I have already seen cyclists using this much needed improvement. Next segment: from 12 avenue to 37 avenue? The upcoming Miracle Mile Streetscape project is going to include bike lanes (between LeJeuene and 37 avenue). This could be one of the longest stretches of urban bike lanes in Miami-Dade County.

Bike lane before markings were painted

Bike lane before markings were painted

bike lane coral way 1

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7 Responses to Coral Way Bike Lanes Nearly Complete

  1. Ellen says:

    Yes, I agree, kudos to FDOT. I am in and out of the Roads area a lot now and this will be helpful, as would an extension all the way to 37th Avenue. I think that could get me to ditch my car.


  2. TM Friend says:

    Look for additional bike lanes to be branching off this trunk soon. The City of Miami will be following up to complete the remaining portion of 3rd Avenue from 5 points/ Coral Way to US 1 Metro Path and 32nd Road from Coral Way to the Metro Rail Station.

    Other important unfunded connections are to complete 15th Road north of Coral Way connecting to SW 11th Street E/W along the edge of the Roads and Little Havana neighborhoods from 15th Road to 17th Ave.

    Miami-Dade County is also looking at how to connect the Rickenbacker Causeway to Coral Way and improve Commodore Trail/Bayshore Drive to the grove.

    I want to encourage all levels of government to work together and complete these improvements creating one of South Florida’s most livable areas.


  3. More Friends says:

    There is also a County bike lane striping project that includes SW 2nd Ave from SW 15th Rd to SW 8th St.


  4. Gifted says:

    Where though?
    On Coral way between 12th and 37th the lanes are very narrow. You would have to remove the off street parking. There are a lot of business’ there and it would kill them


  5. Tony says:

    The lanes between 37 and 12 are not narrow at all- they measure at least 12′. You could shave l 1.5′ from each lane to creat the bike lane and not impact the parking. Additionally traffic would move slower - an advantage to both pedestrians and cyclists.


  6. Gifted says:

    I dont see it I live, drive, walk and park there. There is not enough space the streets in the roads are much much wider then the ones there. You would have to shave a bit of the sidewalk there to create enough.
    I still hope its possible though.


  7. Tony Garcia says:

    I live there too. I measured the lanes on Coral Way and 36 avenue last night - 13.5″ average. More than enough space to take away 1.5′ from each lane. We regularly give streets a diet when planning communities - this is a good thing. Narrowing lanes is one of the most important tools we have in making cities walkable. Something most people don’t know is that the design speed of most roads is much higher than the posted speed. This is a result of lane width. Narrow lanes ensure that motorists travel at reduced speed - an advantage to pedestrians and cyclists.
    Check out this excellent bibliography with plenty of resources describing how narrow lanes produce safer streets: http://www.arlingtonva.us/Departments/CPHD/forums/columbia/pdf/lane_width.pdf

    As someone who regularly walks to Sergio’s, Winn Dixie, and yes, even Havana Vieja, I can tell you that we have room to put Coral Way on a diet!


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