As some of you might know, Mike and I serve advisory roles in Miami’s newly created Bicycle Action Committee (BAC).  The BAC is working on drafting a city of Miami Bicycle Master plan and is looking for any input our citizens wish to provide.  You can download this city map, draw on it, and send back your ideas to us ( for committee review.  You can also leave us comments or email us lists of potential bicycle routes, needed improvements, or any other suggestions.  Here is your chance to shape a masterplan which will guide all bicycle related planning for years to come.  I’m currently working on my version, which I will publish when complete and will finally get around to creating the Bicycle Rental plan I suggested to Alesh a while ago…

6 Responses to Miami BAC - Get Involved!

  1. Tom mackie says:

    I am very interested in helping in any way to get Miami to become more bicycle friendly. My wife is from Holland and I have spent many days riding in that awesome bicycling enviroment. I would love to see more bike lanes / Routes .
    Tom Mackie


  2. Sergio says:

    I would love to get involved, however, I am curious what efforts are being made on a Countywide level? Miami is far too small a city to consider this to be the only solution. I mean so much of the population lives outside of Miami and Miami Beach, seemingly in the forgotten county. I remember when my parents house was the limit of development now it sits in the middle of development as it extend westward, yet they are not City of Miami.

    There are many issues west of the city that need addressing regarding cycling as a method of transportation or recreation.

    Pleas let me know what I can do and also what you can enlighten me on. I am an avid cyclist and have recently decided to get more active in this regard.



  3. Sarah says:

    I’m very interested as well in BAC. I was born and raised in Miami but I went to college in Gainesville. I will be graduating in December but am doing an internship near the airport in August. I love how bike friendly Gainesville is and dread the commute I will have to make when I get back to Miami! I love how you guys are taking a serious interest in this especially in such a large city as Miami. With gas being as ridiculous as it is, a more environmentally friendly, healthy, and convenient plan such as the one you have in the works would be excellent.


  4. Jennifer Lane says:

    I just moved here from Tucson, Arizona which is one of the most bike friendly cities in the country. They have bike lanes on almost all the streets and most of the motorists give three feet when they pass. In Tucson, I commuted to work. So, now I am here and working in downtown Miami, I am also commuting. I am lucky that on my way to work, I have a bike lane most of the way…I live in SouthBeach…..but I have noticed that many drivers here don’t quite understand the 3 foot law and why it is a law….so they pass with 6 inches….I would like to get involved in teaching motorists how to safely pass cyclists and the repurcussions of what happens when you hit a cyclists.


  5. Sam Haley says:

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  6. sandrar says:

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