This past week has been a tough week for cyclists:

1 bike/car crash on Brickell Avenue-Cyclist seriously injured

1 bike/car crash on South Beach-Driver did not stay at the scene, cyclist ok; Miami Beach Police department did not take action

1 bike/garbage truck crash on West Avenue on South Beach-No word on the cyclist’s condition

1 bike/car crash on Key Biscayne-Hit and run, cyclists seriously injured

1 bike/car crash on Key Biscayne-Cyclist suffered broken wrist

1 bike/taxi cab crash on South Beach, Cyclist ok


If you have any information on any of these crashes, please let us know.  Also, let us know if you see or hear about any other crashes involving cyclists/pedestrians. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that these types of crashes not being reported in the mainstream press.


2 Responses to Bloody Week For Cyclists

  1. Dude County Sherrif says:

    Don’t ride bikes like a retard and I won’t run you over. It’s not hard, also it’s your responsibility as a bike rider to look both ways before u try to cross intersections, regardless of your legal right- Some people are just tardate, this is nature’s way of taking them out of the gene pool.


  2. CycleX says:

    Douche County Moron: You won’t run me over? Man, I PRAY I see you on the road.


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