Just how supportive were our local officials?

As Florida Bike Month has come and gone, Transit Miami commissioned a “Twitter Audit” of local authorities and their official Twitter accounts to examine if they used the tool to promote or mention it during the month of March. We’ll even give them credit if they mentioned anything relating to bicycling or safe streets during the period.

Here are the results for March.


@MiamiDistrict2 : 3
March 7th - Advocacy is important - pick candidates that respect pedestrians and bicyclists, says Comm. @MarcSarnoff

March 7th - At the SafeStreetsMiami Forum with City of Miami Comm. @MarcSarnoff and Miami-Dade Comm. Suarez.

March 7th - Safe Streets Miami forum tonight about pedestrian & bicycle safety. @MarcSarnoff & M-DC Comm Suarez will speak @ 7pm @ O Cinema, 90 NW 29 St

City of Miami District 2 tweeted during the Safe Streets Forum on March 7th.

@MarcSarnoff (City of Miami Commissioner, District 2) : 1
March 7th - I’ll be speaking tonight at the Safe Streets Miami forum. Join me and M-D County Comm. Suarez at 7pm at O Cinema, 90 NW 29 St., in Wynwood.

@MiamiDadePD: 1
March 22 - The Annual Shark Valley bicycle ride will be held on Saturday, March 31, 2012, beginning at 7:30 a.m.

@MYFDOT_Miami (FL Dept. of Transportation District 6) : 0
(Yet MyFDOT_Miami had 9 tweets related to motorcycles, including 2 for Daytona Bike Week (as in motorcycles) , which is located 247 miles from the border of District 6. Whose FDOT are you anyhow?)

@MyFDOT: 0

@MiamiDadeCounty: 0

@Tomas_Regalado: 0

@CityofMiami: 0

@FLGovScott: 0

@MiamiBeachNews (Official Account of the City of Miami Beach Government) : 0


Thanks to Transit Miami friend Eddy Stevens-Torrealba from Miami Bike Report for submitting these updates.

@FDHSMV (Official Twitter feed of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles): 0

@MiamiBeachPD: 0

@SweetwaterCity: 0

@PinecrestFL: 1
Join us for the 2012 Bike Day at Pinecrest Gardens on March 24th - #constantcontact http://conta.cc/wWCEu1

@CityofDoral: 1
City of Doral, Florida - City of Doral Receives $1 million Grant for Bikeway Project http://fb.me/19l3PK5xK

@cityofhialeah: 0

@MiamiSpringsFL: 0

@CityofHomestead: 0 (but tweeted back in February about Greenway Bike Fest)

So far, we have not seen a single mention seen one tweet (@PincrestFL) specific to Florida bicycle month during our audit. Many officials do not even have Twitter of Facebook accounts, highlighting a significant disconnect between how people share information and communicate in the 21st century. Utilizing social media to promote initiatives like Florida Bike Month is the “low hanging fruit” for local officials to engage their communities.

Know of any we are missing? Let us know at the Transit Miami inbox and we’ll look into it and add the results here.

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5 Responses to Florida Bike Month Twitter Audit

  1. Eddie Suarez says:

    hey at least they enforced the no parking in the bike lane in front of Miami City Hall, oh wait. no they didn’t….


  2. Eddy says:

    Eddie, that was the perfect comment for April’s Fools Day. BTW, Craig, your April 1st post was brilliant!


  3. BB says:

    If it isn’t reported it may go unenforced. So when you see something, say something. There is a non-emergency number for every city in Miami Dade you can call it and complain.


  4. Eddie Suarez says:

    BB: The infraction was happening in front of City Hall! I’m sure a police officer or two must have seen the violation. Do we need still need to report it for the police to ticket them even if they see it? Here’s the post from JHop with a photo: http://spokesnfolks.blogspot.com/2012/03/bike-lane-as-parking.html


  5. I brought up the city hall bike lane parking at the last BPAC meeting. They were already on it. Coconut Grove district cops said they would gladly enforce. Apparently, there was a shooting for Burn Notice that took over the usual lots. (Though there was available parking farther from city hall)


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