For a development that got many things right - including pedestrian-oriented retail frontage, traffic calmed streets and a variety of locally-owned businesses, I can’t help but think that the bicycle-friendly part of Midtown Miami was botched. Anyone that’s tried to lock up a bicycle around Midtown is familiar with the clumsy and infrequent bicycle hitches pictured below. (These types of racks also do not comply with the recommendations in Miami’s own bicycle master plan).

No easy way to lock up your bicycle with these things.

People have to resort to trees.

Transit Miami strongly recommends that Midtown Miami management at least replace the ridiculous hitches already in place with simple ones like the City of Miami has been installing across the city, as well as increasing the frequency of bicycle parking hitches in front of more businesses and otherwise underutilized areas. Or why not strive for excellence for a marginal cost and install a public bike-repair stand?

One thing is certain - no one that rides a bicycle regularly would ever consider installing these things.

At many of the local business along Buena Vista Ave and SE 1st Avenue, trees inside planted beds are unfortunately the most common anchors for bicycles. We can do better than that. The problem is exacerbated here because Midtown is a new development, lacking the usual fruit salad of ornamentation like street signs, parking meters and utility poles that can work in a pinch if you need a place to lock up.

Decent and secure bicycle parking is an important component of encouraging active transportation. If Midtown management is serious about reducing the burden of automobile traffic, congestion and exhaust, improving their bike parking situation is an easy, low-cost and high-reward opportunity.

See our past Transit Miami post on best practices in bicycle parking from around the USA.

Going to visit a friend in Midtown? Good luck finding a place to lock your bike, even in a desolate, inactive paved plaza.


3 Responses to Midtown Miami’s Lousy Bicycle Parking

  1. kaelsie says:

    As a Midtown resident, I have had this very sentiment since I moved here over three years ago. They made it too easy to bring your car here by making cheap and plentiful parking, but it still becomes a nightmare during rush hour and especially during events like Basel.

    This week is going to be a disaster of bumper to bumper traffic with the influx of people driving into this area. Those who are smart enough to bike into and around here will find it very difficult to find secure bike parking….it’s silly.

    Something so easy to fix, yet who will take responsibility for installing more racks?


  2. Catherine says:

    true, true and true. I leave near Midtown and come regularly to enjoy the shops and restaurants. It’s not a complete nightmare to park, but I’m always afraid I will have my bike stolen. I would add that the Buena Vista Bd is to avoid for bikes as traffic is slow with cars always trying to find a parking spot and drivers not paying attention to anyone else but them. a bike lane for this new modern fancy neighborhood is not much to ask…


  3. Mike Moskos says:

    Every time I see the expensive parking spaces developers put in, I wonder why they don’t think to put in bike lockers. Retailers pay a whole lot for location, location, location and then do nothing to encourage bikers/walkers. And once you get in that car, it’s just a few extra minutes to find a retailer that’s cheaper.


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