After 9 years of operating a pedicab business, Downtown Bike Taxi, will no longer be able to operate in Palm Beach thanks to a 1920’s ordinance which prohibits non-motorized vehicles from operating if the vehicle is wider than 32 inches. Looks like the city of Palm Beach had to dig deep to find a b.s. ordinance to make pedicabs illegal. Check out the newsreel here.


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3 Responses to No Bike Taxis Allowed In Palm Beach

  1. Dave Reid says:

    Just shameful…

  2. JM Palacios says:

    They cannot enforce that ordinance on state roads, BTW. Local regulations do not apply to state roads. See as well as Florida Statute 335.02(4).

  3. Anonymous says:

    This law back in the ’20′s didn’t distingushh on tuse, just non-motorized, so if they enforce this law properly then they will have to also ban a good number of wheel chairs and other non-motorized vehicles made for disabled, along with those Miami-Sun senior trikes and recumbent trikes.

    As they are not, it is selective enforcement, better known as a litigator’s wet dream. This pedi-taxi guy probably has a great lawsuit planned for Palm Beach.

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