I think I am having deja vu, another pedestrian was struck and killed by a Miami-Dade Police officer in Southwest Dade yesterday. Details have not been released, reports the Herald. Because this involves a police officer, and not an NFL player, we may not hear anything more aboutthe incident.

Meanwhile, Miami-Dade School Police are enforcing the school area speed limit, at least in a few select locations. In just five days, officers in the Agressive Drivers unit handed out 642 tickets. While this is an important step for creating more livable streets and safe routes to schools for our children, one wishes that these periodic crackdowns would become routine. Civilizing the streets of Miami-Dade will remain a challenge until motor vehicle laws are consistently enforced. Perhaps we should start with those who are suppossed to be setting an example and following these laws: the police.

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3 Responses to Pedestrian Mowed Down By Officer, Police Crack Down on School Zone Speeders

  1. Ben says:

    One would question why the use of Speed Cameras or Cross Walk Cameras should not be installed in all school zone areas with extensive signage notifying drivers of the cameras and that 100% of cars during those hours will be cited for speeding violations. This would allow for complete coverage of all school zones without having to place a police officer on site everyday. There are tons of debates on the rights of the drivers and speed cameras but what about the rights of the pedestrians that keep getting hit.


  2. Mike Lydon says:

    Great thoughts, Ben. It seems cameras are increasingly the way to go, but you are right they are sometimes associated with legal rights. More broadly, the public needs to keep asking its elected officials, public works departments, and local/state DOTs to also stop spending so much money on a roadway and land use system skewed towards auto and oil dependency.


  3. Ben says:

    Yes the increasing size of roads and the number of cars on them just intensify the overall situation. And the sprawl only decreases the number pedestrians in areas and so when one happens to be there the drivers have no ideas how to give-way to them. Instead they believe the pedestrian is in the wrong for being there. And why wouldn’t they there are hundreds of cars and just one of them. And god help us if the DOT would spend money on raised or sub-way cross walks. I don’t think we would know what to do with them.


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