Ride to raise supplies for Haiti. The ride will start at Government Center and go through Little Haiti.

We will be riding through Little Haiti and going to Haitian markets and picking up non-perishable goods. Water, canned food, medical supplies of your choice. We will be riding to Fire Station #9 and delivering it to the Miami Fire Department who will be bringing everything to a single drop off point.

Government Center
101 NW First St
Downtown Miami

This benefit is being organized by Emerge Miami and the Saturday Critical Mass Meetup group.

One Response to Ride for Haiti

  1. Hector F. Burga says:


    I am glad that Transit Miami is spreading the word regarding efforts for Haiti.
    I have one simple suggestion which links transit with Haiti earthquake relief efforts in Miami.

    Why not place cardboard donation receptacles in specific metro stations on specific days
    of the week. This could be a partnership between Metropolitan Transit, the Red Cross and Local Haitian relief organizations. This way people can donate on their way to work. Is this feasible?


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