A rendering of the proposed "34th Street Transitway"

The New York City Department of Transportation’s newest project brings the successful concept of Bus Rapid Transit to an important cross town bus route and showcases, once again, what a progressive DOT is capable of doing to improve quality of life and transportation options for its residents and visitors. As you can see in the rendering above, the idea is not only to improve an existing roadway and speed up bus service, but to also improve the pedestrian experience along the corridor.

Famously successful in cities like Bogota and Curitiba, the idea of dedicating lanes to buses has been successful here in Miami, as well. The South Miami-Dade Busway acts as a low-cost extension of the Metrorail for thousands of county residents. TransitMiami.com remains a strong proponent of Light Rail (or LRT over BRT), but as Miami looks to expand its transportation options, our leaders could learn a great deal from NYC - where they understand the importance of land-use in transportation planning.

The South Miami-Dade Busway

Look at the two pictures. What is missing on our Busway?

6 Responses to Transmilenio: Another Great Idea Hits NYC Streets

  1. Neil Fritz says:

    Well, density is missing, so everything else is probably moot - but I’m game.

    Let’s see - landscaping, streetscaping, wide pedestrian sidewalks - and oh yeah - density.

    On the other hand, our busway does have bike lanes.


  2. Neil Fritz says:

    In New York, 34th street is a vital above-ground corridor. Something like this could be very cool.


  3. Juan Navarro says:

    Man it would be great, but Miami-Dade doesn’t have any of the management infrastructure, alongside financial, to do it! Too many hands in the cookie jar….


  4. brody says:

    The density along the South Miami Busway is nowhere near the density of Midtown Manhattan for starters. It’s also nowhere near the urbanity of Manhattan. Our busway serves for long route suburban commuters, where as 34th St serves as an inner city connector. Very different.


  5. UDB says:

    And don’t forget that MDX, FDOT and the county want to turn the busway into a managed lanes tollway!


  6. Mike Moskos says:

    Well, it was already said, but I vote most of all for TREES. Trees completely shading the sidewalks are what’s most needed for the non-car driver. It gets damn hot next with all the asphalt, cement, and engine heat. And trees take a long time to grow, so we need to get started now.

    Do you neighbors a favor (or attract walking customers): plant trees next to the sidewalk.


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