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Pedestrian/Bicycle Accident x 2 in Coral Springs

Two separate accidents in the past two days have left two students injured in Coral Springs.  Yesterday an 8-year-old girl was struck while bicycling to school by an SUV at Northwest 123rd Avenue and 29th Street near Westchester Elementary School. The student is expected to make a full recovery. No charges have been filed.

This morning 16-year-old Robert Brown was struck by a Toyota Camry while crossing the street on his way to school. Brown is currently in serious condition. No charges have been filed, as Brown was apparently crossing the street without a walk signal, and a green light for the oncoming motorist.

In related news, the blog Greater Greater Washington questions how the news media spins auto-related “accidents” and what that says about our culture.

Pedestrian Hit In Fort Lauderdale; Report Says Stallworth Was Drunk

The Miami Herald reports that a pedestrian was stuck in Fort Lauderale and is undergoing serious surgery for injuries sustained from the collision.

While not confirmed, test results were leaked to the Herald stating that Donte Stallworth, responsible for running into and killing Mario Reyes, had a blood alchohol level of .14, nearly double the legal limit.  No charges have been filed, but if this proves true it seems certain that Stallworth will have to suffer more than just a heavy conscious.

More Tragedy On The MacArthur

If you read or watched the news at all this weekend, then you know that Donte Stallworth, a NFL journeyman, struck and killed a man by the name of Mario Reyes. Reyes, 59,  was  crossing busy highway on Terminal Island from his place of employment to the bus stop. The Herald reports the light was red, which indicates negligent driving on the part of  Stallworth.

The initial Herald story covered the accident yesterday, but mostly just  Stallworth’s stalling NFL career via his  stats and totally irrelevant personal information. To be fair, little might have been know about Reyes at that point, but since Stallworth is a professional sports player the news feature got as many words as possible, including a highlight about how many condos the guy owns.

The second story gives us a bit more information about Reyes and his family, yet still includes the pointless information  Stallworth. One has to wonder if the situation were reversed, Reyes hit Stallworth, if we would be reading all about Reyes career, home, car, and lifestyle a part from the accident. Somehow,  I doubt it.

No charges have been filed, and who knows if they will be. It’s very unlikely that Stallworth was trying to hit Reyes, yet the man should be held accountable for his negligence.

Our thoughts go out to the family of the victim.

Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Oakland Park

I hope you readers are not becoming de-sensitized to these tragedies. The Miami Herald reports that a 21-year female old bicyclist was struck and seriously injured on Cypress Creek Road yesterday. It is unclear who is at fault for the accident. Regardless, they won’t blame the traffic engineers.

Indeed, when analyzing an aerial image of the road, one instantly notices this is a major thoroughfare with as many as 11 lanes. Yes, 11 lanes of traffic. While one has to wonder why anyone would attempt to bicycle on such an insanely proportioned roadway, one should also wonder why we need 11 lanes of traffic in the first place.  Can you imagine what type of transit Broward may have if they took all the investment in further expanding roads from 2, to 4, to 6, to 8, to ten lanes, and their continual maintenance, and invested it in less socially and environmentally destructive ways?

You see, suburbia is laid out so poorly that a bicyclist or pedestrian would have to go at least a half-mile out of their way to find a parrallel route, which may or may not get them to the end destination, and may or not be safer. There is no connectivity.  After all, bicycles and pedestrians are like motorists, they often want the fastest and most direct route. Unfortunately, this almost innate sense of efficiency places often place us in dangerous situations.

The details of the accident are being investigated, and likely this will be the last we  hear of the story as another serious bicyle injury is lost in the next headline.

Two Injured, One Dead In Weston Bicycle Crash

The Miami Herald is reporting this morning that Raj Motwani of Fort Lauderdale struck three bicyclists with his Mercedes  yesterday morning, killing one. The crash occured on State Road 84, near the Glades Parkway. A quick analysis of this area reveals that SR 84 features minimal shoulder width, and that it is a relatively high-speed thoroughfare that acts as a service road for 595. Charges have yet to be filed.

Senseless Hit-and-Run Kills Two in Fort Lauderdale

Two men were struck and killed while walking on Sea Breeze Boulevard  late last night by what the Miami Herald  reports as a fatal  two-car drag race. The perpetrators  instantly fled the scene and ditched one of the cars, a white Porsche,  by the freeway. Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact traffic homicide Investigator Sandra Knutten at 954-828-5460 or Broward Crime Stoppers on 954-493-8477.

Bicentennial Park Hit-And-Run turned Abuction

Another hit-and -run in downtown Miami is further compounded by what seems like an abduction of the victim, the Herald Reports.  Miami-Dade County seems to be averaging at least one hit-and-run per week in 2009. Please read the full article and report any info you may have to the authorities.

‘Safety Initiative’ to Rise in Wake of Hit-and-Run Incident

The Miami Herald reports that in response to the recent killing of 11-year old Ashley Nicole Valdes, Miami-Dade officials are crafting an initiative that “will let residents know about ’significant incidents that involve local law enforcement.’” With little other detail at this point, who knows what that actually means.

Call me cynical, but what Miami-Dade needs is a proactive approach to engineering and designing our streets for safety so that incidents like this, and the many like it, are  avoided in the first place-not a communication strategy quickly detailing how another Miami-Dade resident has been maimed  by a speeding motorist, along an over-sized four-lane road, where there isn’t adequate lighting.

Hit-and-Run Killer Brought to Justice

Harvey Carlos Abraham’s damaged truck was found in South Miami and linked to the killing of 11-year old  of Ashley Nicole Valdes, the Herald reports.  It was the last of 60 tips that led the police to the killer, who has a third degree grand theft also on his record. Ashley’s mother was thankful for the community support.

This was a team effort, and my daughter became everyone’s daughter.

Abraham will be charged with  leaving the scene of an accident involving a death, careless driving and tampering with evidence. Let’s hope he receives the maximum amount of time for his crime.

Pompano Beach Woman Killed In Hit-and-Run

The Miami Herald reports yet another hit-and-run fatality. As always, anyone with information is to call Deputy Juli Mellott at 954-786-4200 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

Commenter “Papabear” sums it up:

Every week we hear about someone being hit by a person with no conscience or soul. This crime should have stiffer penalties putting offenders away for a long time.

Two Women Injured in Another Hit-and-Run

Was there a serial maniac gunning for pedestrians in the ‘burbs yesterday?! Or is this just another example of how unsafe it is to walk in Miami-Dade?! My guess is the latter. The Herald reports two women were struck yesterday in Kendall in what seems to be a very serious, but not fatal accident.

Paramedics found both severely hurt women lying on the sidewalk. Both women had gotten tangled up in the fence after the crash, but witnesses pulled them out and left them on the sidewalk for paramedics, said Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Elkin Sierra.

Girl, 11, Killed In Hit-and-Run

The Miami Herald reports that Ashley Nicole Valdes, 11, was tragically killed early this evening by a light colored four-door pick-up truck as she was crossing Southwest 80th Street near 149th Avenue .

Detective Lena Jean-Baptiste, a Miami-Dade Police Department spokeswoman had this to say:

We’re urging anyone with information pertaining to this fatality accident to please come forward. Any information to piece this together is helpful. The truck should have heavy front-end damage.

Please call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 if you have additional information.

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