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The Golden Arches and Energy Policy

This morning CNBC reported that 65% of McDonalds’ sales are derived from their drive-thru business. As long as we have drive-thrus in this country we can pretty much forget about any real serious energy policy. We are digging deeper offshore oil wells and importing oil from unfriendly nations such as Venezuela so that we can [...]

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An idea whose time has come…

From the NY Times:
Elected leaders in New York City will propose a suite of laws and other initiatives on Wednesday aimed at reducing energy consumption and related emissions of greenhouse gases by requiring owners of thousands of older buildings to upgrade everything from boilers to light bulbs.Owners of larger buildings would have to participate in [...]

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Happy Independence Day

Hope everyone has a happy and safe fourth of July!
As you celebrate Independence Day, don’t forget some of the other things we need to seek independence from. The Sun-Sentinel reminds us to declare independence from cars by accommodating all modes of transportation, while the Miami Herald reminds us to share rides to achieve the same goal. Seems like [...]

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Election 2008: Who is the Smart Growth Candidate?

With election season now in full swing, the time has come to decide which candidate we think will best lead us for the next four years. Here on Transit Miami, we’ll be taking a close look at the presidential hopefuls to determine which candidate is the strongest on smart growth and livable cities issues.
Without further [...]

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Friday News

Energy and oil is the dominant theme this week, however the articles about the Everglades and affordable housing in Miami are very troubling.

NY Times: Efforts to save the everglades are faltering

Newsday: Gas prices affecting community, car use

NY Times: Rising demand for oil provokes new energy crisis

KITV Honolulu: Gas prices have reached $5 per gallon in [...]

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Transitography 19

The winds of change are blowing. Here is yet another interesting proposal to harness the energy expended by the burning of fossil fuels. Wind turbines incorporated into highway dividers will reclaim the energy of cars racing by, which will then be used to power public rail transportation.

While it remains to be seen where [...]

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Is Corn-Based Ethanol a Sham?

Politicians are hyping corn-based ethanol as a major industry that South Florida should embrace. In June, the Senate all but announced that America’s future is going to be powered by biofuels, mandating the production of 36 billion gallons of ethanol by 2022. According to ethanol boosters, this is the beginning of a much larger revolution [...]

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Transitography 6

Here is an interesting proposal?! As commuters expend energy through fuel consumption the energy released by the automobiles will then be harnessed by turbines. The poetics of no energy ever being created, but simply transferred, is satisfyingly embraced in this concept. Not to mention the benefit of a constant visual mantra of [...]

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