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Pic o’ the Day: Transit in the Urban Center

This is what our downtown streets should look like.  Compact, connected by transit, and very pedestrian accessible.  Can anyone name this city?

Transitography 46: CTA Holiday Train

Pic o’ the Day: Urban Pedestrian Corridor

We’re running a couple days off, but let’s see if anyone can identify this urban pedestrian street. I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow or provide a hint later tonight…

Transitography 38: Manhattan Bound

Before Sunset, originally uploaded by photomagister.

Sorry about the sluggish pace of the website lately folks, it certainly isn’t because of a lack of information this week, but rather the time…

Tonight however, I am headed to Manhattan to get my winter dose of Urbanism…

Transitography 17

miami traffic jam, originally uploaded by noway.

If the view above seems familiar, its probably because you’ve been sitting in traffic for 50 extra hours per year.

“Americans sat in traffic 4.2 billion hours, or 38 hours per driver, in 2005, up from 4 billion in 2004, according to the transportation research center at Texas A&M University.”

Transitography 9

Athens LRT 2, originally uploaded by qbanaso86.

Today’s Transitography comes from one of our own readers (Join and add your own photos.) The Athens LRT, is one of the city’s more modern transit lines, opened in 2004.

Transit systems like this will become impossible to construct in the US if Federal funding is switched to also include HOT lanes.

Transitography 1

Barcelona, originally uploaded by So Cal Metro.

We’re beginning a new daily segment here on which will feature daily photos of all mode of transportation from all over the world. We’ve created a Flickr group for interested members to join to share their photos with us, which hopefully will one day be featured here on the site.

Via Mariuspopvici’s Flickr

Blog Update

I’ve spent the better part of the past 5 days traveling throughout New York and Canada, articles will reappear later today as soon I as I recover… Here is a view of one of my recent traveling delays at JFK. We taxied in line of jets for an hour, waiting for 40 planes to take off before we were given the go ahead. Looking back, these were just a fraction of the planes waiting behind:
On the plus side, I did eventually get a pretty nice aerial view of Manhattan:

Have a Happy, Safe, and Festive July 4th Holiday folks…

Causeway Shots

Two of my favorite local amateur photographers, James Good and Miami Fever, each recently took stabs at photographing hot cars under the MacArthur Causeway. You decide which shot is better:
James Good:
Miami Fever:

Synthetic Skyline

Via ImageMD’s flickr

Via Miami Fever

Via James Good’s Flickr

Metrorail Design

Via ImageMD’s Flickr