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Time Lapse Images: Miami Dawn

Miami Downtown at Dawn from Corey Weiner on Vimeo.

Pic o’ the Day: Urban Pedestrian Corridor

We’re running a couple days off, but let’s see if anyone can identify this urban pedestrian street. I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow or provide a hint later tonight…

Pic o’ the Day: Neighborhood Edition

Can you name the city and the neighborhood?


Pic o’ the Day

Where in the world is this fine place?


Pic o’ the Day

Can anyone guess where this (like always, without cheating)?


Transitography 21


Venetian Sunrise

From the Flickr of JamesGood

Posting over the next three days will be sporadic…Stay tuned for discussions on Miami Park Space, I-95, and Stadium Issues…

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Flying High

  • The people have spoken and I have listened. ManolaBBB has come to me with the interesting idea of expanding the Transit Challenge past the summer to include our cooler months. Apparently she’s been speaking to others who supported the idea and stated that they would be more inclined to ride when the temperatures were bearable. I agree. It’s a wonderful idea and I hope it will encourage more Miami Natives to eventually give public transportation a legitimate try. Keep the ideas flowing…
  • I came across an interesting site with some interesting ideas and graphics for possible projects in Miami as well as a blog. Some of the ideas have some logic to them, while others appear to be nothing more than outright hilarious fantasies. Enjoy…
  • Above is one of the latest photos by James Good. He regularly flies his model aircraft over Bicentennial Park in downtown Miami to photograph the city’s construction progress. Here his plane is flying higher than the 500+ foot Ten Museum Park Condominium and provides an unusual view of how the wall of condominiums on Biscayne Boulevard is shaping up. Oh by the way, the building with white balls is the Miami NAP of the Americas, one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the world for ISP technology and logistics. I believe it is owned and operated by Terremark… Many people seem to ask me that…

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