The Miami Herald reports today the Mayor Matti Bower has set an “Economic Summit” for December 18, 2008. We hope that Her Honor will include on her panel experts who will speak to the importance of The Beach implementing a mass transit system that serves the City’s residents and tourists, the mainstay backbone of our “Worlds’ Playground” economy.

From this Summit, the City should press the County to provide a fast, efficient, and attractive way to bring visitors from the air and seaports to the Beach that does not involve multiple bus transfers or a single passenger automobile. The Beach needs to demand transit respect. We shouldn’t be just the turn around point for a dozen bus routes that follow each other up and down the two most congested streets in the City. We need a rational, circulator system that facilitates mobility and is more cost effective per passenger mile.  We should take a cue or two from Disney, and look at our 7 square miles as the tropical attraction it is, and exploit it to its highest potential by bringing 10 times as many folks in half the number of cars to the Beach each day for leisure or work. We should promote our historic seaside communities tranquil offerings by designing better uses of our limited right of ways to make them safer for pedestrians and non-motorized transport.

Panelists should all read “Growth or Gridlock? The Economic Case for Traffic Relief and Transit Improvement for Greater New York “, published by the Partnership for New York City and see how not addressing our growing parking and transportation crisis in our City today will undermine any hopes for an economically sustainable Miami Beach tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Miami Beach Economic Summit

  1. Collin says:

    Just curious,
    Have you seen any transit models that would be a direct line from the Airport to the Beach? Baylink would connect to Metro-Mover or Metro-Rail, and would still require transfers. I believe it would be better than waiting at the downtown “bus terminal” which is anything but a terminal. Also, why is the “bus terminal” 2 blocks away from Gov’t Center instead of connected to Gov’t Center?


  2. Felipe A says:

    Fat Chance. Matti Bower personally told me we have to many bicycles on Miami Beach. Sorry, but she just doesn’t get it…


  3. Collin says:

    Too many bikes? That is one of the best aspects of the beach. What was your response to her?


  4. Felipe A says:

    Since she felt that way, I suggested that she make bicycles illegal altogether. I was stunned by her shortsighted, antibicyle comment. She does not seem to understand the ABC’s of transportation. She seems to think that cars are the solution. .


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