• Daniel Shoer Roth interviews a tril-rail rider about his views on FPL executives commuting via helicopter:

Edward Quiles, production manager of a company that produces bulletproof vests, commutes from Doral to Deerfield Beach. His wife drops him at Miami International Airport’s Tri-Rail station. An hour and a half later he walks from the Deerfield station to his workplace.

“I’m upset because I’m paying for his luxuries while I depend on public transportation,” said Quiles, whose monthly electric bill amounts to about $110. (Herald)

  • Two Marion County residents are waging their own battle against sprawl using the ‘demonstrated need’ test. Now it’s up to Governor Christ and the Cabinet to reject the new 500 unit subdivision. (Herald)
  • Woohoo: American oil consumption hit its peak in 2007. We may never reach 400 million gpd again. (Barrons)
  • Conflict of interest: County lobbying firm and attorney Greenberg Taurig is requesting a waiver of conflict of interest regulations that prevent it from representing the county and another client in the same case. Duh. Why do we even have conflict of interest laws if the commission is just going to ignore them?? (Miami-Dade)

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