The government spends billions of dollars to support the energy industry, which allows it to make energy cheaper than it should cost on the open market. These subsidies—either in the form of tax breaks or direct funding—favor some types of energy over others, giving our country a skewed sense of what each gallon of gas or wind-powered electron costs. This is a look at where the government directed its subsidy dollars from 2002 to 2008.

Image Courtesy of  The Environmental Law Institute


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One Response to Comparing The True Cost of Energy

  1. Sonia says:

    Fantastic diagram. It really puts into perspective the support/reward system in place for the oil industry. These subsidies are basically aiding our addiction. It’s unbelievable that corn ethanol is ahead of renewable energy! That says alot about our priorities and our the power of farm lobbying. This alternative energy sector needs to increase substantially to be able to compete, from the leaders that support these technologies, to supporting young professionals to move into this field (the scientists, engineers, consultants) It’s not so much about changing the system, but replacing the individuals who are dealing the dope! We need better drugs which keep the users high for a long & sustainable period of time…not affecting the natural environment and our existence in the process!


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