Everyone has seen ugly high-voltage power lines FPL wants to bring these down US 1 from Pinecrest to Brickell, and while we all agree underground power lines are the best option, the impact of the above ground lines can be mitigiated by making the poles more attractive and thoughtfully designed.

Image Courtesy of Dezeen.

Additionally, any negotiations to place FPL poles along US1 should mandate that FPL upgrade the M-path as outlined in the County’s M-path Master Plan. 

What are your thoughts???


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3 Responses to How Can FPL Mitigate Power Lines?

  1. kyle says:

    Why can’t they put the power lines along the Metro tracks at the bottom? It avoids having to build any poles at all.

  2. JM Palacios says:

    Recently I was told by some planners for a Community Redevelopment Agency that the price for FPL to put power lines on poles designed to withstand hurricane force winds was the same as burying them. So any changes to power poles, I say FPL should bury them.

    Attaching them to Metro tracks isn’t a bad idea, either, though that only works in a few areas.

  3. prem says:

    m path needs a LOT of improvement.

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