Today, tell FDOT that you deserve safer streets where you live and do business.

Brickell Avenue, one of Florida’s premier residential and business streets, will soon be upgraded as a priority project of the Florida Department of Transportation. FDOT can make this street safer and they need to know that this is YOUR priority.

The South Florida Bike Coalition joins our neighbors on Brickell in asking for a speed limit that reflects the character and the reality of life in Downtown Miami. Sign your name today and we will deliver this letter to FDOT District Secretary Gus Pego on Monday, September 20, 2010. Leave your name in the comment section or email us (Subject- FDOT letter).

Dear Gus Pego,

As people who live, work and play in the Brickell Corridor of the City of Miami, we are passionate about this place and we would like you to consider how important the Avenue is as you consider its speed limit in the FDOT Redesign project, currently scheduled to break ground in 2011.

As you know, most residential and business streets in the State of Florida enjoy speed limits between 20-30mph. We are more than 29,000 people - families and professionals who live along Brickell – and we walk to Mary Brickell Village, Simpson Park, our waterfront and Downtown from our homes along streets with traffic moving well over a posted speed of 40mph.

I-95 serves those (including ourselves, when appropriate) who wish to get through our neighborhood quickly.  The speed limit on Brickell Avenue should be no more than 25mph.

We hope you will agree that we deserve safer streets because you can make this happen. We deserve more crosswalks, a residential/business area speed limit and consistent law enforcement practices that make walking an inviting activity rather than an extreme sport.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to hearing how FDOT will help our community be a safer place to live, work and visit.

The South Florida Bike Coalition Editorial Staff

___Your name here_________

For more information about this issue, please see the previous post.

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5 Responses to 1,000 Miami Residents for Safer Streets?

  1. Ronk says:

    The minimum speed for a road like Brickell is 30mph according to FDOT standards.

  2. Felipe Azenha says:

    We need to take a closer look at these standards. They seem to be outdated.

  3. Kathryn says:

    If you missed Adam Mizrahi’s great piece on Brickell Avenue, please see it here:

  4. Flavia Santos says:

    Subject- FDOT letter

  5. Kathryn Moore says:

    Ronk is incorrect. The MAXIMUM is 30mph.

    You may see the Florida statute here:

    According to 316.183 (2): “On all streets or highways, the maximum speed limits for all vehicles must be 30 miles per hour in business or residence districts, and 55 miles per hour at any time at all other locations. However, with respect to a residence district, a county or municipality may set a maximum speed limit of 20 or 25 miles per hour on local streets and highways after an investigation determines that such a limit is reasonable.

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