A Transit Miami Shout-out to the Miami Herald for publishing our letter to the Editor. You can also see our letter to the Editor below:

FDOT can do more to make Brickell pedestrian-friendly

The Brickell community deserves a round of applause. A coalition of residents, businesses, elected officials, advocates and civic groups rallied together to ask the Florida Department of Transportation to improve the walkability of Brickell Avenue. After months of lobbying our local elected officials, the Brickell Coalition can chalk up a small victory — FDOT officials conceded to a lower speed limit for a portion of the road and will add one new crosswalk. This is certainly a step in the right direction, but with so much more to be accomplished to make Brickell truly walkable, FDOT needs to do more.

Thirty-five miles per hour is not appropriate for a street with intense pedestrian activity. Just a few blocks north, Biscayne Boulevard has a posted speed of 30 mph — a clear precedent for low-posted speeds along U.S. 1 in the Central Business District.

While a complete redesign of the street would make the biggest impact on motorists’ speed, there are inexpensive traffic-calming measures that could easily be included in the current design, starting with an even greater reduction in speed, the use of raised crosswalks and prohibiting right turns on red.

FDOT also needs to do more than the bare minimum when providing crosswalks. In October, Transit Miami sent the city a list of more than 25 possible locations along Brickell that needed pedestrian crosswalks where none currently exist — yet FDOT has only agreed to add one new crosswalk.

Why does FDOT want to make it difficult for us to cross the street? FDOT can do more. Together, we will help the agency realize the original vision for Brickell Avenue as Miami’s grand pedestrian boulevard.”

Anthony Garcia, Felipe Azenha, Kathryn Reid Moore, Transit Miami, Miami

2 Responses to Transit Miami Letter to the Miami Herald Published

  1. M says:

    thought readers might be interested in this opinion piece in the miami herald from 1-4-11 by daniel shoer roth

    “traffic planners till putting speed above safety”



  2. Tony Garcia says:

    Thanks M.


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