Brickell Avenue and 8th Street. A dangerous intersection for pedestrians.

A friend of Transit Miami sent us this picture, which was taken shortly after a pedestrian was hit on Monday night at the Brickell Avenue and 8th Street intersection. We don’t have any details about the accident-but this much we do know-this intersection is not pedestrian-friendly.

Pedestrians must sprint across 5 lanes of traffic to get across Brickell Avenue at this intersection.   Crosswalks exist on only three sides of this intersection. So, if you’re standing on the NE or NW corner of the 8th and Brickell Avenue and you want to simply get across the street, you must cross the street 3 times before getting to your destination.

We’re still waiting to hear about the other improvements that were promised to the Brickell community by the FDOT, Commissioner Sarnoff, Mayor Regalado, and County Commissioner Gimenez at a recent Brickell Avenue press conference. These improvements should be announced to the public sooner than later. We here at Transit Miami still contend that the speed limit and the design speed of Brickell Avenue should not exceed 30mph. We won’t be satisfied until this concession is made by the FDOT.  As the population density on Brickell Avenue continues to increase, pedestrians will suffer if the FDOT’s archaic roadway design remains unchanged.

If anyone has any details about this accident, please let us know.


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8 Responses to Another Pedestrian Hit on Brickell Avenue

  1. Craig says:

    How sad - and sadly predictable. I think the best near-term solution for this intersection is to have all the lights RED for 30 seconds to give pedestrians a chance to cross from every angle at once.

  2. B says:

    Good idea Criag. “No turn on red” should probably be standard for the areas of downtown and Brickell that get lots of pedestrian traffic.

  3. Ken says:

    There are two problems making this situation worse.

    1) The construction that starts just south of SW 8th, drivers are jockeying in thick traffic that narrows down to one lane.

    2) Drivers heading south from the Miami River typically get stuck at three red lights that are NOT synchronized. The light at SW 5th street goes green, then the next light at SW 7th turns red, after it turns green, people either zoom to make the left turn towards Brickell Key at SW 8th or the light is going red.

    If FDOT wants to better control the flow and speed of the traffic on Brickell Avenue (and most of the county) these lights must be synchronized. Drivers will be more calm and in less of a rush.

  4. Felipe Azenha says:

    We strongly support “no turn on red” throughout central business district. We have been advocating for this for some time. I’m not sure whether the fdot, city or the county has the authority to make this decision. “No turn on red” would help calm traffic and minimize ped/car collisions.

  5. Craig says:

    I know ‘No Turn On Red’is the rule for everywhere in Manhattan, NYC and it works - especially given how many one way streets there are. Motorists tend not to look the other direction before turning onto a one-way.

  6. Craig says:

    Felipe, did you make or know who created these videos? They are fantastic!

    Here is what our the brilliant FDOT has given us.


  7. M says:

    This video is fantastic. It clearly shows the dangers of Brickell crosswalks (and lack of crosswalks). I would think it would be hard for anyone, including FDOT, to argue that the streets are completely safe for cars AND pedestrians after watching.

    There’s been a lot of focus on Brickell, and that may be because of the FDOT resurfacing project, but this weekend I was trying to cross Biscayne Blvd in front of Bayfront Park and it is not easy. There’s missing crosswalks, cars driving very fast, and lots of pedestrians in the area. Also, does anyone know why Biscayne is so wide in that section? It is at least 3 lanes each direction and I think even 4 in some cases. Is that really necessary?

  8. Felipe Azenha says:

    Adam Mizrahi produced the video for Transit Miami. He actually produced 2 or 3 videos regarding Brickell.

    We have been focusing on Brickell because of the resurfacing project. We are also working with the MiMo BID to make improvements on Biscayne Blvd. in the Upper East Side. You are absolutely right M, Biscayne Boulevard in downtown is a pedestrian’s worst nightmare. The Miami DDA is working on improvements. A couple of weeks ago they held a public presentation regarding Biscayne Blvd in downtown. They have been working with the FDOT to make improvements. Again, FDOT is always reluctant. I will let our readers know when the Miami DDA holds their next meeting. They really need the public’s input and support.

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