August 24, 2010

The very same Brickell Avenue bus stop was taken out again last night.  This is at least the fourth time in two years that this has occurred. Our call for reducing the design speed of Brickell Avenue has fallen on deaf ears and FDOT has refused to make this area safer for pedestrians and motorists.

March 2010

We have spoken to our sources at the City of Miami and they have confirmed that FDOT has been made aware of the problem at this intersection. After reviewing crash data from the last three available years, FDOT research does not indicate any crash pattern or safety concerns related to lack of beacons or the design of the roadway. We beg to differ.

We can confidently say that there is a crash pattern here and there are undeniable safety concerns on this dangerous curve. How many more times are we going to erect the same bus stop, on the same dangerous curve, without addressing the design of the roadway? And if we are going to keep the same unacceptable roadway design, the very least we can do is move the bus stop to a safer location before someone is seriously injured.

Flashing beacons may help, but much more needs to be done here and for the rest of Brickell Avenue. It is imperative that we change the design speed of Brickell Avenue.

Please send an email to Mr. Gus Pego District 6 secretary letting him know that you are not satisfied with the existing conditions on Brickell Avenue.

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9 Responses to Brickell Avenue bus stop taken out for fourth time in two years

  1. Rick says:

    They’ll fix things when someone gets killed.



  2. insider says:

    City of Miami Assistant City Manager Johnny Martinez and CIP Director Alicia Bravo BOTH worked at the FDOT. Can’t they give their pal Gus a call?

    Oh that’s right, they are TOO BUSY making six figures and NOT CARING.


  3. kevin says:

    Nothing ever gets done right in our country. -sigh-


  4. Hip Ster says:

    I was too hung over to vote in the last election because I was partying with my friends at Vagabond the night before — double sigh -


  5. Jeff says:

    In front of my house, for the longest time there was no stop sign, and people would speed through. We tried to complain to the FDOT, but they would keep saying they would look into the situation. A few years later, a young man was struck and killed when crossing the street one night. Only after he was killed did anybody deside to lower the speed limit, and place stop signs. Unfortunately I too don’t see anything being done about Brickell avenue until somebody gets killed.


  6. Mike Moskos says:

    Imagine being at that stop when the car hit it.

    On a serious note, I can see this stop has at least 1 of the 2 things endemic to most bus benches in South Florida: 1.) no shade trees covering it (meaning it is hot as hell to wait there) and perhaps 2.) when you sit at the bench, you cannot see the approaching bus. I don’t know who determines where to place bus benches/shelters, but it is clear they have never waited at a bus stop. Bus bench locations are just another way engineers discourage anyone from using pubic transit and helps to explain why our roads are so choked with vehicles.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Actually, that’s not a stop. It’s one of the ad/bench locations that are placed just for the advertising. The actual stop is located just to the south across the 15th Road intersection in front of the Palace/St. Jude.


  8. Felipe Azenha says:

    Thanks for the clarification, I incorrectly assumed it was a bus stop. Regardless it is doesn’t make the situation much better. It’s just a matter if time before someone sitting there or walking by will be seriously injured. This bench/advertising should still be removed and placed in a better location. Reducing the design speed of Brickell Avenue is the solution.


  9. EP says:

    Yikes. Yea that curve there is a bit dangerous. The few times I drive north through that curve, I take extra care as everyone is always hauling ass.

    Maybe they can put down some rumble strips in front of the church before getting to the intersection


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