The Transit Miami team  has met with various Brickell area stakeholders over the past two weeks.  We met with the Brickell Homeowners Association and the Brickell Area Association, the two largest Brickell organizations that represent the residents and businesses in the area.  Through our meetings we have determined that there is an overwhelming consensus for a reduced speed limit on Brickell Avenue.  All the residents and businesses would like FDOT to enhance the pedestrian experience for everyone that lives, works, and plays on Brickell. (In all fairness, not one person disagreed with us). Everyone we spoke to understands that lowering the speed limit is good for the residents and for the bottom-line of businesses that operate in the area.

According to FDOT’s stated values, they are “Customer Driven-We listen to our customers”. The customers have spoken with one voice and they all want a lower speed limit. Another FDOT stated value: “Integrity-We always to the right thing”.

Will FDOT do the right thing? We sure hope so.

The following organizations also support a lower speed limit:

Miami DDA

South Florida Bike Coalition

Green Mobility Network

Bicycle Action Committee

Transit Miami is scheduled to meet with Commissioner Sarnoff in a couple of weeks and we have requested a meeting with Mayor Regalado as well. We trust the City of Miami will support a lower speed limit too.

If you know of any other organizations that would like to join our coalition, please let us know in the comments section.

Thank you to everyone that supports a more pedestrian-friendly Brickell Avenue.

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